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Vegetarian couscousVegetarian couscousBy NoemieThis is a good vegetarian recipe. It may take a little time to cut up all the vegetables but the result will be worth it. With a lot of spices and herbs, the taste will be great.
Eggplant curry with chickpeasEggplant curry with chickpeasBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for vegetarian or simply as a light supper. You will mix eggplants with chickpeas and some curry. After cooking everything together, you will be able to savor that delicious dish.
Fry vegetables and TofuBy NoemieTofu has become very popular among vegetarians. It can replace meat adequately. In that recipe, you mix it up with some vegetables making a really healthy dish.
Lentils in a Moroccan styleLentils in a Moroccan styleBy NoemieLentils can make a good healthy meal with good spicing and herbs to enhance the dish. In that recipe, you mix them with some African spices and tomatoes.
Lentils in Mathilde's salty vegan fashionLentils in Mathilde’s salty vegan fashionBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for vegetarians. You will mix lentils with tofu and a few vegetables. It will be a delicious and very healthy dish. The tofu is a good substitute for meat.
Mathilde's fried Asian noddlesMathilde’s fried Asian noddlesBy NoemieIn that recipe, you use tofu instead of meat. It is a good substitute and healthy. You will mix the noodles with mushrooms, broad beans, and tofu. A great dish for vegetarians.
Angelique's vegetarian paellaAngelique’s vegetarian paellaBy NoemieHere, you have a version of vegetarian paella. Instead of meat, the recipe calls for soy protein. It's a good substitute and also gives a good texture to the dish. With vegetables and spices, it will taste delicious.
Potatoes with onions, peppers and tomatoesBy NoemieDo you want a light supper with some fresh healthy vegetables? Here is a recipe combining potatoes, pepper, and tomatoes; a good recipe for vegetarian. Spices and herbs will enhance the dish.
Angelique's Mexican pastaAngelique’s Mexican pastaBy NoemieLet's try a vegetarian recipe with a lot of goodies. Pasta will be cooked with a lot of Mexican spices and beans to replace the meat. A ripe avocado serves on top of the pasta will give that dish a special look and taste.
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