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Swiss chard, Spanish, sorrel and herbsBy NoemieThis is an excellent dish to savor in the springtime when you garden start to yield new delicious vegetables. Let’s prepare it for your family, they will love it
Pak Choy and gingerBy NoemieFor a change why not try the Asiatic vegetables bok Choy. It can be eaten as a vegetarian dish or accompany some meat or fish. The ginger will give it a strong and unique taste.
Biryani of vegetablesBy NoemieIf you are a vegetarian, you should try that recipe that mixes rice and several types of vegetables. It could make a good evening meal. The spices and herbs will enhance the taste of the dish.
Bulgur and cauliflowerBy NoemieThis is a good vegetarian recipe with bulgur and vegetables. It will go well in the evening with a salad among friends and family. The spices and herbs will give it a delicious taste.
Aloo palak (vegetables mix)By NoemieThis is a recipe that will satisfy the vegetarian among us. Why not try that great dish full of spices? This is going to be a very tasty and healthy dinner to share with your friends or family.