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Figs jamFigs jamBy NoemieFigs make good jam. When in season and the tree are full of them, it is a good time to make the jam. You can also freeze the figs for later use. It can be fun to make jam in the middle of winter when it is cold outside.
Pineapple jam with vanillaPineapple jam with vanillaBy NoemiePineapple can also make good jam. In that recipe, you mix pineapple with some vanilla and lemon juice to enhance the taste. Use some jam sugar to help with the thickening of the jam.
Apricot jam with vanillaApricot jam with vanillaBy NoemieThere are many ways to fix jam and what to put in it. In that recipe, you use some nice ripe apricot with a little vanilla to give it a special taste.
Apricot jamApricot jamBy NoemieJam is a good pastime when there is an abundance of fruits. The instant pot makes it easier and faster to prepare it. Here you have some apricot jam to do when in seasons.
Mix vegetable casseroleBy NoemieThis is a good recipe that mixes summer vegetables together. Pick some good ripe tomatoes and pepper for a rich texture dish that will taste just delicious.
Baby compote with apples and grapesBy NoemieYou can also prepare a bunch of purees and you can put them in a little jar for further use. They will keep for a few days in the fridge and be handy when you are in a hurry.
Baby compote with apple, pear and lemonBy NoemieYou may want to try to add a little lemon in the puree. The baby will get use to acid food. There are so many fruits available that you can more or less try something different every day.