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Tahitian CreamBy NoemieHere, you have a slightly exotic recipe for a cream. To start with, you put some caramel in a mold, cover it with pineapple and finishes with the coconut cream. It is going to be absolutely delicious.
Shrimps, coconut milk and curryBy NoemieThis is an easy and quick first course with an Asian touch. You will prepare some shrimps with some coconut milk as a sauce. It should taste just delicious.
Shrimps, squid and coco in a Indian sauceBy NoemieIn that recipe, you mix some shrimps, squids with a lot of strong Indian spices. It will confer a real Asian touch to that simple dish. Enjoy it with your family or friends
Chicken thighs and gingerBy NoemieChicken thighs can be prepared in numerous ways with all kind of ingredients to accompany them. Here we have an Asian touch with some ginger. It is going to taste a little hot but welcome for a change.
Lambs curry and sweet potatoesBy NoemieHere, we have a curried stew lamb with an Asian touch. The lamb is mix up with sweet potatoes and some strong spices. The sweet potatoes have become quite popular lately. They go very well with all kind of dishes.
Goat meat curryGoat meat curryBy NoemieYou may want to try the goat meat for a change. It will be marinated before being cooked in coconut milk with a bunch of spices. It will take a little while to get it done but the result will be worth it.
Hake curry, celery and bamboo sproutBy NoemieFish goes very well with Asian spices and cooking. In that recipe, you mix hake in a tomato sauce with ginger and bamboo sprout. Some nice and tasty spices will make a really good dish.
Prawns, curry, coconut milk and tomatoesPrawns, curry, coconut milk and tomatoesBy NoemieHere is a recipe for the prawn lover. It is easy and quick to make. The prawns will be mixed up with tomatoes and coconut milk. A few good spices will confer an Asian touch to the dish.
Vegetable curryBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for a light supper with a bunch of vegetables. You simply mix them with some spices, herbs and coconut milk. You will have a really good and healthy meal.
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