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Pineapple jam with vanillaBy NoemiePineapple can also make good jam. In that recipe, you mix pineapple with some vanilla and lemon juice to enhance the taste. Use some jam sugar to help with the thickening of the jam.
Chicken Colombo WWBy NoemieThis is another light version of Asian chicken. You gather your weight watchers friends and fix that nice dish that mixes chicken with vegetables and nice spicing.
Chicken Colombo ultra simpleBy NoemieYou are in a hurry and you want to fix a good complete meal? Try the recipe with chicken and rice. Everything in the pot and let it go. Q short while later, your dish will be ready.
Caribbean chicken ColomboBy NoemieWhy not try to combine two different styles together? That recipe of chicken, different vegetable and some Asian spices should give a unique taste to that dish.
Chicken Colombo with West Indian flavorBy NoemieYou can try some chicken with exotic spices and you should get a good spicy meal to share with your family. You may cook some rice to accompany the dish.
Indian style cauliflowerBy NoemieThis is a dish in the Asian style that uses cauliflower with spices and coconut cream. It should make the Asian food lover happy as it will be tasty and full of savor.
Surimi (crab stick) cassoletteBy NoemieThis is a really nice dish of mix fish and crabs in stick mix up with all kinds of ingredients. It is cooked before being baked in an oven to give it a final touch. It is going to taste just delicious.
Codfish and coconut milkBy NoemieThis is an exotic recipe for codfish with some Asian spices and herbs. It is made very quickly and should taste absolutely delicious with some rice to accompany it. It should also smell very good.
Pak Choy and gingerBy NoemieFor a change why not try the Asiatic vegetables bok Choy. It can be eaten as a vegetarian dish or accompany some meat or fish. The ginger will give it a strong and unique taste.
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