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Pak Choy and gingerPak Choy and gingerBy NoemieFor a change why not try the Asiatic vegetables bok Choy. It can be eaten as a vegetarian dish or accompany some meat or fish. The ginger will give it a strong and unique taste.
Bibimbap (beef rumsteack) expressBy NoemieLet’s try an Asian dish that will warm your palate. The Asian spice is what makes all the difference in that recipe. You and your family should really enjoy it if you like the tasty and bitter-sweet Asian food.
Amok de Monk fish filetBy NoemieIf you like a little bit of exotic in your household you should definitely try that tasty and colorful recipe. You will surely impress your friends with that Asian dish and its special spices.
Chicken Wings with CurryChicken Wings with CurryBy NoemieThis is an interesting recipe with raisins for people that like bittersweet dish. It will definitely surprise your guest with that particular composition but should taste spicy with the curry
Chicken Tenderloins with curry sauce and riceChicken Tenderloins with curry sauce and riceBy NoemieUsing coconut milk in recipe is pretty popular and it gives it a particular taste. Let’s try the curry chicken in a thick and tasty sauce with rice. That delightful meal will warm your friends on a cold winter day.
Chicken Tenderloins with Caramelized MangoesChicken Tenderloins with Caramelized MangoesBy NoemieHere is a recipe that combines chicken with caramel mangoes and rice. It will give an exotic taste to that dish and your family will be delighted trying that audacious blending.
Chicken Tenderloins with Curry and RiceChicken Tenderloins with Curry and RiceBy NoemieTry that delicious recipe of curry chicken tenderloin with rice basmati. It is on the light side but still delicious with that particular tasting coconut milk and some strong curry spice.
Chicken tenderloin with curry and coconut milkChicken tenderloin with curry and coconut milkBy NoemieFor a taste of Asia, try that tasty chicken with curry and coconut recipe. The chicken tenderloin will delight you by the rich aromatic sauce that baths the chicken. Serve with some rice.
Turkey Tenderloins with CurryTurkey Tenderloins with CurryBy NoemieA light low-calorie dish for you and your family to enjoy. The tasty turkey with hot ginger and curry spices in a light creamy sauce should taste just great.
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