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Large fresh prawnsLarge fresh prawnsBy NoemieLarge prawns are delicious and make a really nice first course. That recipe is simple and quick to prepare. You can share them with your friend on a summer evening.
Lentils and stuff turkey with goose liverBy NoemieDo you have a celebration coming and you are wondering what to fix? Here is a really nice recipe with turkey breast stuffed with a thin slice of goose liver.
Monk fish in a Burgundian fashionBy NoemieWhy about trying that recipe of fish in a thick and delicious wine sauce? It is a good dish for a celebration and not too difficult to prepare. Your guest will be delighted when it's served.
Duck breast and little yellow plums (mirabelle)By NoemieIf you want something different, you can try the duck with yellow plums and cabbage. The little plums are very regional, growing in part of France and Switzerland. It will be an interesting dish to share with your friends.
Duck breast, peaches and caramel sauceBy NoemieIf you like your duck cook in a sweet sauce, that recipe is for you. You will mix the slices of duck with peaches in a caramel sauce. It should be an interesting dish.
Stuff mini cabbagesBy NoemieThis is a recipe that should please the most difficult guest, Here, you will stuff cabbage leaves with a delicious stuffing made of mushrooms, ground meat, herbs, and spices.
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