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Beef and tomatoesBeef and tomatoesBy NoemieThis is an interesting recipe mixing up beef chunks with olives and pickles. If you like olives, do try that nice dish that shall surprise your guest by its unique taste and nice texture.
Bolognese for pastaBolognese for pastaBy NoemieWho hasn’t eaten some good bolognese sauce? Try that simple and fast recipe. It will be a very savory tomato sauce with ground beef. Your family will be delighted by it.
Veal stewVeal stewBy NoemieIn a stew, you can put all kind of vegetables, herbs and, spices to enhance the taste of it. Why not try the veal stew with different vegetables? This dish has a great sauce that should please the most difficult person!
Veal stewVeal stewBy NoemieA good recipe bases on tender veal in a rich tasty sauce. Why not trying it when you meet with your friends? You may fix a little rice to accompany the dish and it is going to be a complete meal.
Chicken breast with potatoesChicken breast with potatoesBy NoemieA very simple but good dish is the chicken breast mix up with potatoes. It will be a sturdy meal for the cold days of winter. Why not trying it? It will be enjoyed by everyone at any time
Vegetables porridge and cheeseBy NoemieThis is a dish of mix up vegetables that will go well as an evening meal with your family. Let’s try the porridge with a good texture and taste. A few good spices and the cheese will do all the difference.
Beef and onionsBeef and onionsBy NoemieYou can accommodate beef strips in about any way. It is a good base and you can add vegetables and some starch to accompany it. Here is a good recipe that mixes onions and beef in a thick sauce
Cod Brandade (provençale) in its own styleBy NoemieThis is a recipe of codfish with a rich creamy sauce. A dash of cheese will make it taste even better. Serve it with some rice and you will have the perfect dish for your friend and yourself
Chicken Tenderloins and BroccoliChicken Tenderloins and BroccoliBy NoemieIt is well known that broccoli is very good for your health. Why not try a really good recipe that mixes up chicken and delicious tender broccoli with some thyme?