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Cooked red fruit juiceCooked red fruit juiceBy NoemieThis is a good dessert for hot summer days. You just lightly cook a mixture of red fruits; whatever is available around the house at the time. Serve it to your guest after a nice meal.
Snails puff-pieBy NoemieThis is a recipe for people that like snails. You mix them with some cream and mushrooms. Then, you stuff some puff-pie with the mixture.
Hake fillet with sausage and pepper sauceHake fillet with sausage and pepper sauceBy NoemieA lot of fishes don’t have taste by themselves. The sauce is what makes all the difference. In that recipe, you cover the fish fillet with a sauce made of cream, pepper, and chorizo.
Beef tongue and Madeira wine sauceBeef tongue and Madeira wine sauceBy NoemieIn this recipe, the sauce will make all the difference. After cooking the tongue, you prepare a fancy sauce with Madeira wine. The dish will be delicious with a lot of flavors.
Scallop and mascarpone creamBy NoemieMascarpone soft cheese is an Italian specialty. It has a lot of cream in it and makes delicious desserts. In that case, you mix it up with the scallops to give them a unique taste.
Scallops and chorizo on a bed of leeksScallops and chorizo on a bed of leeksBy NoemieWhy not try a combination of scallops and chorizo sausages? The outcome could be surprisingly good. Let yourself be tempted by that recipe mixing up crustacean and sausage on a bed of leeks.
Pasta in a gipsy styleBy NoemieDo you have a big crowd for supper? You could try mixing the pasta in a gypsy way. It consists of meatballs composed of several types of meat in a nice tomato sauce.
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