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pasta pressure cookerPasta with mushrooms in a risotto fashionBy NoemieDid you pick some wild mushrooms during your last walk in the forest? Here is a good recipe to use them. You will mix them up with pasta, spices, and cheese. It should be delicious.
Risotto with carrotsRisotto with carrotsBy NoemieTo make a good risotto, the choice of rice is of utmost importance. It needs to stay moist and stick well together. In that recipe, carrots is mixed up with the rice.
Risotto with tomatoesRisotto with tomatoesBy NoemieYou will never go wrong preparing risotto for your guest. It's pretty easy to make and most people like it. Here, the dish is risotto with tomatoes.
Risotto with smoke troutRisotto with smoke troutBy NoemieYou really can add about any type of ingredient to risotto. Why not try with some smoked trout? It will confer a distinctive taste to the dish.
Risotto with white sausages and wild mushroomsRisotto with white sausages and wild mushroomsBy NoemieSome risotto mixture is strange but would be interesting to prepare for a change. The following recipe could fall in that category. White sausages with wild mushrooms will be mixed up with rice.
Risotto with black sausages and appleRisotto with black sausages and appleBy NoemieIt's true that black sausages and apples go well together. These two ingredients will be added to the rice with a few spices and herbs making a delicious dish.
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