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Stuff pastryStuff pastryBy NoemieThis is a pretty popular dish that goes really well as a first course. In that case, the stuffing of mix chicken mushrooms, and parsley for the taste and color in a creamy sauce should please everybody.
Chicken breast, Port and mushroomsChicken breast, Port and mushroomsBy NoemieThis is a recipe with chicken, mushrooms and Porto. The mix up of the three ingredients will confer a unique taste to that holiday dish. Everybody should be contented after that delicious meal.
Chunk of goose liver with figsChunk of goose liver with figsBy NoemieThis is a recipe as a first course for a holiday or anniversary that will delight your guest. Everybody appreciates goose liver and the addition of figs will give it a unique touch. It should be a real success.
Eggplant caviarEggplant caviarBy NoemieThis is a good way to use eggplant. You cook it with some good spices, pass it through a mixer and spread it on some bread. It is going to taste very good and everybody should like it.
Carrots caviarCarrots caviarBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for a first course or a vegetarian. The carrots with some good herbs and spices will confer it a wonderful texture and taste. Enjoy it with your family.
Chinese cabbage with scallopsBy NoemieChinese cabbage will also mix well with seafood. In that recipe, you have Chinese cabbage, carrots, and scallops. A really savory dish to share with your family on a great occasion.
Quails and chestnutBy NoemieThis is a dish for the holidays. The chestnut and cream are going to enhance a lot that dish of quails. This is good to be delicious and everybody is going to really enjoy it.
Plum stuffed quailsBy NoemieThe stuffing of any birds is always fun and you can use anything you want. In that case, you have some plums with pork and plenty of herbs. It is a real holiday dish that is going to be delicious.
Duck filet with apple and honeyBy NoemieThis is going to be nice tasting with some honey and apples. A few potatoes will complete agreeably the whole dish. Fix it for your family after a good day outdoors.
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