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Cream with a caramelized top and gooseCream with a caramelized top and gooseBy NoemieUsually, the cream with the caramelized top is sweet. In that case, it is a little bit different. You use goose liver for the cream and put the sugar on top. An interesting version worth trying.
Codfish back and ChampaignBy NoemieWho says that fixing a holiday meal has to be difficult? Here you have a simple but delicious recipe of fish and Champaign. Serve it with rice, it should taste very good
Fillet mignon, Port and chanterellesBy Noemie You have picked some chanterelles while walking in the forest! A good recipe for using them is the pork roast you have here. You just mix them up with your meat and some Porto before cooking everything.
Pork fillet mignon, red cabbage and chestnutPork fillet mignon, pear and RoquefortBy NoemieThis is a recipe to prepare for a holiday. It will take a little time to fix it but it should be delicious. You have to stuff the cut roast with some Roquefort cheese before cooking it.
recette-wwExotic fillet mignonBy NoemieHere is a nice way to present your pork roast for a celebration. You are going to mix it up with some pineapple and pepper. It is going to taste just wonderful
Fillet mignon with its goose liver sauceFillet mignon with its goose liver sauceBy NoemieThis is an easy and quick way to present your roast with a fancy sauce. You will cook the meat in a sauce made of cream and goose liver before serving it to your family.
Goose liver and PortGoose liver and PortBy NoemieThis is a nice way to present goose liver. You macerate it in Port for a while before cooking it the next day. It is easy to prepare and the liver will taste delicious.
Duck liver and SauterneDuck liver and SauterneBy NoemieHere is another way to present duck liver. After soaking in white wine with some sp[ices, you just cook it before chilling it for two days. It w ill make a really nice first course.
Chocolate fondantChocolate fondantBy NoemieHere is a recipe for the chocolate lover. You mix up some chocolate with eggs, sugar, and butter. You will have some soft melting chocolate to savor after your meal.
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