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Rooster, wine and cognacBy NoemieThis is a very popular dish to fix for a celebration. The recipe is about a rooster in a thick tasty sauce. You can serve it with some potatoes, rice or whatever seems fit for the occasion.
Scallops with WhiskyBy NoemieScallops are very popular and delicious in any way you fix them. In that recipe as a first course, the scallops are browned light before being blazed. A little bit of cream before serving.
Rooster and wine in a simplify wayBy NoemieThe marinade will give the meat a really good taste. This is an easy and simple recipe to make for a beginner. The result will convince everybody of your talent as a cook.
St Jacques stew style cassoletteBy NoemieSeafood makes a good meal. In that recipe, you mix some St Jacques with shrimps and a good cream sauce before browning it in the oven. That dish is going to have a lot of success among your friends
Surimi (crab stick) cassoletteBy NoemieThis is a really nice dish of mix fish and crabs in stick mix up with all kinds of ingredients. It is cooked before being baked in an oven to give it a final touch. It is going to taste just delicious.
Stuff pastryBy NoemieThis is a pretty popular dish that goes really well as a first course. In that case, the stuffing of mix chicken mushrooms, and parsley for the taste and color in a creamy sauce should please everybody.
Chicken breast, Port and mushroomsBy NoemieThis is a recipe with chicken, mushrooms and Porto. The mix up of the three ingredients will confer a unique taste to that holiday dish. Everybody should be contented after that delicious meal.
Chunk of goose liver with figsBy NoemieThis is a recipe as a first course for a holiday or anniversary that will delight your guest. Everybody appreciates goose liver and the addition of figs will give it a unique touch. It should be a real success.
Eggplant caviarBy NoemieThis is a good way to use eggplant. You cook it with some good spices, pass it through a mixer and spread it on some bread. It is going to taste very good and everybody should like it.
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