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Chicken Tenderloins and BroccoliChicken Tenderloins and BroccoliBy NoemieIt is well known that broccoli is very good for your health. Why not try a really good recipe that mixes up chicken and delicious tender broccoli with some thyme?
Aloo palak (vegetables mix)By NoemieThis is a recipe that will satisfy the vegetarian among us. Why not try that great dish full of spices? This is going to be a very tasty and healthy dinner to share with your friends or family.
Duck Tenderloins with Honey and CarrotsDuck Tenderloins with Honey and CarrotsBy NoemieFor your holiday why not try to prepare some duck tenderloins with a tasty honey sauce and some fresh carrots. Your guest will be delighted in eating such a delicious recipe.
Lamb with spring vegetablesLamb with spring vegetablesBy NoemieA simple and quick meat recipe combining lamb and spring vegetables. It will give you a taste of springtime. You will enjoy the delicate tenderness of the lamb and the color full vegetables with a dash of parsley on top before serving.
Biryani (beef and vegetables)By NoemieThis is a pretty substantial dish composed of beef and vegetables. The spice and in particular mint will confer a special taste to that dish that will surprise your friends. A lot of herbs always enhance a dish in a positive way
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