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Pasta in a Spanish fashionBy NoemieYou can accommodate pasta with about anything. Her you have a combination of pasta and some pepper and good spices giving a Spanish touch to your dish.
Figs jamBy NoemieFigs make good jam. When in season and the tree are full of them, it is a good time to make the jam. You can also freeze the figs for later use. It can be fun to make jam in the middle of winter when it is cold outside.
Mediterranean carrots and potatoesBy NoemieThis is anther recipe to suit vegetarian diet as well as a simple dish for a light meal. It is the herbs and spices that will give that dish a unique taste of the South.
Wheat and vegetables full of sunBy NoemieThis is a good weight watchers recipe to try in the summer when your garden in full of fresh and tasty vegetables. Everybody will love that dish full of sunshine with a great smell.
Beef carrots and olivesBy NoemieThis is another sturdy dish that combines beef, olives and some good spices and herbs. The olives will give it a peculiar taste and they are very good for your health. Share the meal with some friends.
Mediterranean ground beef WWBy NoemieThis is a great weight watchers dish to try in the warm days of summer. Get your friends and fix that multi-vegetable recipe that will embalm your kitchen with summer smell
Eggplant bolognese WWBy NoemieGet together with your weight watchers friends and fix that nice summer dish. The mix up between beef and eggplants are going to smell good and taste even better.
Veal Axoa (Basque)By NoemieLet’s try a Basque dish of veal with pimento slightly hot. It’s going to be tasty and a little bit on the hot side for some people. With plenty of herbs, it should taste really good.
Eggplant and meat sauceBy NoemieThis is definitely a recipe for a summer day. Why not try the delicious dish of eggplant mix with meat. It is warm, tasty and the eggplants could come right out of the garden.
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