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recette-wwSpanish casserole styleBy NoemieThis is a fairly easy and quick recipe to prepare for your weight watchers friends. You mix in a pot some vegetables, meat, and rice before cooking it. You will be serving a healthy and tasty dish
Fillet mignon, cream and olivesBy NoemieWhy don’t you try the fillet mignon with a Mediterranean touch? It is a rather simple recipe where you just add some olives to the pork, bacon, and cream. The sauce will be delicious.
Chicken fricassee, black olives and basilBy NoemieYou will prepare chicken pieces in a Mediterranean style. After browning the chicken, you will cook it with some olives and spices. The sauce will be made out of tomatoes.
Frita and cooking sausagesBy NoemieThis is an easy and complete recipe to prepare with pepper, tomatoes, and sausages. It will be colorful, refreshing and tasty with a few good spices. You can serve it with pasta.
Frita and merguez (spicy sausages)Frita and merguez (spicy sausages)By NoemieWith the base ingredients of pepper, onions, and tomatoes, you can mix them with all kind of different meats. Here, you use some spicy sausages that will flavor the dish really well.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of shrimps and fennelBy NoemieCold soup is popular in Spain and elsewhere as well. Here, you prepare your soup with shrimps, carrots, fennel, some herbs, and liquids. It will taste very good on hot summer days.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberGaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberBy NoemieThis is another refreshing cold soup for summer days. You prepare it with cucumber and other ingredients. Everything gets mix up and put in the fridge for cooling.
Spanish potSpanish potBy NoemieAn easy and quick pot to prepare. You take some chop meat, mix some peppers and onions, add rice and cook the whole mixture. The result will be a tasteful dish full of summer flavor.
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