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Zucchini, tomatoes and poach eggsBy NoemieThis is a version of zucchinis with poaching eggs and tomatoes. You add some cream to get a nice thick sauce and your dinner is going to be delicious.
Zucchinis, cheese and ground meatZucchinis, cheese and ground meatBy NoemieThis is another version of zucchinis and ground meat with a cheese sauce. when you mix vegetables with meat and cheese, the kids will love it. It is a good way to get them to eat vegetables.
Zucchinis, potatoes, bacon and Roquefort cheeseBy NoemieThis is a version of zucchinis with the special Roquefort cheese. It will mix up very nicely with the potatoes and vegetables. The result will be a nice dish to share with your friends
Couscous, quails and raisinsBy NoemieA single quail make a perfect meal. In that recipe, you cook them with some raisins and good spices. You will serve them with some couscous and a salad maybe.
Ultra simple rice in a couscous fashionBy NoemieFor a change, you may try to use rice instead of wheat to prepare your couscous. Very quick and simple, you mix rice with some vegetables for a light supper.
Chicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseChicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseBy NoemieThis is a good and healthy recipe to prepare for your weight watchers friends. You will mix chicken with vegetable in a cheesy sauce with a little cream to enhance the dish.
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