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wheat, mushrooms and chicken WWwheat, mushrooms and chicken WWBy NoemieThis is a good weight watchers recipe to try after a good work out. Chicken bathing in a good creamy sauce with wine will give it a delicious and wonderful texture.
Wheat, mushrooms and smoke salmon WWBy NoemieThis is a delicious weight watchers recipe. The smoke salmon and dill will confer an absolutely divine taste to that quick recipe. Yours friends will congratulate you for that simple but great dish.
stew recipe WWBy NoemieLet’s get together with your weight watchers friends and fix those simple vegetables and meat stew. It is quick and you will enjoy that creamy and tasty dish.
leeks stew recipeBy NoemieThis is a weight watcher recipe that combines leeks, potatoes and a little cream to give it a good texture and taste. You may share that dish with your weight watchers friends and enjoy it.
Chicken breast, Port and mushroomsChicken breast, Port and mushroomsBy NoemieThis is a recipe with chicken, mushrooms and Porto. The mix up of the three ingredients will confer a unique taste to that holiday dish. Everybody should be contented after that delicious meal.
Paprika Chicken WingsBy NoemieIt is an easy and light recipe that will please everybody even the children. Kids always enjoy chicken wing. Paprika is going to give a special touch to that simple recipe and a nice color to it.
Cauliflower bologneseBy NoemieHere is a quick and easy recipe where meat, tomato sauce and cauliflower mix together to give you a complete meal. Try it, your family will be grateful for that great dish.
Clementines, mint and pine nutsBy NoemieA good way to end a meal would be some fruit cook in syrup. In that recipe, you mix up some clementines with sugar, mint and pine nut. It will come out just delicious
Coco de Paimpol (bean)Coco de Paimpol (bean)By NoemieIf you are in a hurry, try that simple dish of little bean with some tomatoes for supper. It is going to taste very good and you can share it with your friend.
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