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Leeks and potatoes with creamBy NoemieHere is a nice recipe to prepare for the next meeting with your weight watchers friends. Leeks and potatoes covered in a nice sauce made with cream, egg yolk, and chives.
Lamb ribs, carrots and riceBy NoemieThis is a recipe with lamb ribs and vegetables. Lamb's ribs are good in any way and you can accompany them with anything you want. In that dish, you have carrots, mushrooms, and rice.
Green cabbage and sausagesBy NoemieLet’s try some green cabbage and sausages for dinner. In that recipe, you have everything to feed a hungry crowd after a good day exercising outdoors.
Red cabbage and chops baconBy NoemieIn that recipe, you add up some bacon to enhance the taste of the cabbage. You will obtain a good dish, tasty with some herbs. Use it to accompany some meat or just as a simple supper
Dry meat and potatoesBy NoemieThis is an interesting dish for people that like to use dry meat. The combination of potatoes, tomatoes and cut dry meat in a sauce might surprise by its taste and texture.
wheat, mushrooms and chicken WWBy NoemieThis is a good weight watchers recipe to try after a good work out. Chicken bathing in a good creamy sauce with wine will give it a delicious and wonderful texture.
Wheat, mushrooms and smoke salmon WWBy NoemieThis is a delicious weight watchers recipe. The smoke salmon and dill will confer an absolutely divine taste to that quick recipe. Yours friends will congratulate you for that simple but great dish.
stew recipe WWBy NoemieLet’s get together with your weight watchers friends and fix those simple vegetables and meat stew. It is quick and you will enjoy that creamy and tasty dish.
leeks stew recipeBy NoemieThis is a weight watcher recipe that combines leeks, potatoes and a little cream to give it a good texture and taste. You may share that dish with your weight watchers friends and enjoy it.
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