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Pork chops with plum and potatoesPork chops with plum and potatoesBy Noemieif you like fruits with your meat, you may want to try that recipe. You will mix the chops with plums and potatoes. A few spices and herbs will enhance your dish.
Caramel candy (carambar)creamBy NoemieThis is a dessert for children. You mix some candy with milk and make a cream out of it. The result should be interesting and probably pretty tasty.
Steam cooking chicken thighsBy NoemieIf you are worried about calories, you may want to try that recipe of steam cooking the chicken. After browning the thighs, you just cook them in the steam basket. They will come out lean and tasty.
Pork loin with plumsBy NoemieHow about trying a recipe with pork loin and black plums. The result should be a good piece of tender meat that you can accompany with rice or pasta.
Fillet mignon, Port and chanterellesBy Noemie You have picked some chanterelles while walking in the forest! A good recipe for using them is the pork roast you have here. You just mix them up with your meat and some Porto before cooking everything.
Savora pork cheekBy NoemieThis is a recipe using the multiple spices Savora. It includes many spices in a texture resembling mustard. it will confer a unique taste and flavor to the dish.
recette-wwRabbit, mustard, mushrooms and pepperBy NoemieRabbit is a rather lean meat so you can prepare it for your weight watchers friends. Some herbs, spices, and a few vegetables will make a perfect meal. A light creamy sauce will accompany it.
Rabbit, potatoes and dry apricotsBy NoemieYou are not sure what to prepare for your friend tonight? Let's try the simple but complete rabbit recipe with dry apricots. It is going to be tasty and delicious.
Rabbit, tomatoes and basilBy NoemieHere is a refreshing full of colors recipe. You can pick some fresh summer tasting tomatoes to prepare that dish of rabbits. Basil and rosemary will flavor the dish really nicely.
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