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Potatoes curryBy NoemieYou can curry about any food. It will always flavor the dish and give it an Asian touch. Some people like it hotter than others; it is up to you. In that recipe, you curried potatoes and zucchinis.
Chicken curryChicken curryBy NoemieCurry chicken is a very popular dish. You can add up fruits; it goes well with the curry. Here, you mix the chicken with some spices and dried apricots. An interesting combination that should taste just great.
Curry chicken, rice and pineappleBy NoemieThis is a popular combination of chicken and pineapple. It goes well together and it is quickly made. In no time you will have a meal ready for your family.
Curry vegetablesCurry vegetablesBy NoemieHow about trying the curried zucchinis with coconut milk. It is a simple recipe for vegetarian full of flavor and taste. The lemongrass and ginger will give it a great taste.
Fish green curryBy NoemieHere we have stew fish in a coconut milk sauce with vegetable and spices. A little basil at the end of cooking will enhance the presentation of the dish.
Curry prawns and peasBy NoemieIf you like fruit with seafood, you may want to try that recipe. Here, you mix up prawns with coconut milk and mango in pieces. The result should be absolutely delicious.
Angelique’s dhal of lentils, coco, and curryAngelique’s dhal of lentils, coco, and curryBy NoemieHere is a good recipe for vegetarian; everything you need in a quickly made dish. You take some lentils with coconut milk and a choice of vegetables. A few herbs and spices to give it a highly seasoned taste.
Dhal of lentils and onionsBy NoemieYou can easily devote a day a week for a vegetarian meal. This one is easy and quick to prepare with lentils, spices, and tomatoes. The result is a healthy and tasty dish.
Indian turkeyBy NoemieIn that recipe, you prepare the turkey in an Asian fashion. A lot of spices and herbs will highly season the dish. Some coconut milk and cream to give it a final touch.
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