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Caribbean pork chopCaribbean pork chopBy NoemieIn that recipe, you prepare the chops with a Caribbean touch. You mix the chops with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and make a sauce with orange juice. It is going to have an interesting taste.
Zucchinis orloffZucchinis orloffBy NoemieThis is an interesting presentation that should taste very good. You mix zucchinis with cheese and bacon and cook them on top of rice.
Monk fish in American styleBy NoemieThis is an interesting way to prepare your fish. After cooking it, you will briefly blaze it with some Cognac. The preparation of the fish will certainly impress your friend.
Monk fish and shrimps in an Amercan styleBy NoemieThis is a dish worthy of a king! In that recipe, you will cook fish and shrimps in a liquid composed of blazed Cognac and white wine. Some fine spices and herbs will enhance the dish further.
pasta pressure cookerPasta with bacon and cheddarBy NoemieHere is a good old combination of cheese, macaroni, and bacon. The difference is the pasta being cooked in milk instead of water. It could be an interesting way of preparing the dish.
Potatoes with cheddar saucePotatoes with cheddar sauceBy NoemieThe following recipe is going to be a popular one. Potatoes will be cooked with cheddar and cream. A really savory and tasty dish to share with your friends
Pork and cocaBy NoemieAre you looking for a different way to cook some pork stew? In the following recipe, it will be mixed with coca cola and cider vinegar. It will surely be interesting to taste.
Turkey stew with leeks and carrotsTurkey stew with leeks and carrotsBy NoemieHow about trying a turkey stew with leeks? It sounds really good for the cold days of winter. Your family will be thankful for that warming and tasty stew.
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