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Turkey stew with leeks and carrotsBy NoemieHow about trying a turkey stew with leeks? It sounds really good for the cold days of winter. Your family will be thankful for that warming and tasty stew.
Chili con carne style JoselyneBy NoemieYou can purchase all the Mexican ingredients to make that recipe. Your dish will be as close as possible from the real Chili con carne from South Texas. It would be an interesting meal for your guest
Coated pork meatballBy NoemieOnce your meatballs are made, you can coat them with about anything, they will even taste better. Why don’t you try the coated pork meatball? They will taste spicy with a good curry powder
Burgundy BurgerBy NoemieHamburger can be made with about anything in a homemade fashion that will convince the most skeptical individual. Try that burger recipe full of goodies, everybody will like it.