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Couscous in its own fashionBy NoemieThis is a recipe in a mix-up style where you have vegetables, meat, and couscous. Everything to make a great meal and share it with your hungry family.
Couscous with beef meatballsBy NoemieMeatballs are very popular. You can add anything you want to the meatball mixture. In that recipe, you mix a lot of tasty spices with the meat before cooking them.
Couscous, quails and raisinsBy NoemieA single quail make a perfect meal. In that recipe, you cook them with some raisins and good spices. You will serve them with some couscous and a salad maybe.
Express couscousBy NoemieHer is another version of a complete meal of meat and vegetables. You mix the semolina with some tasty, spicy meat and vegetables. The result will be a good sturdy dish with a wonderful aroma
Chicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseChicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseBy NoemieThis is a good and healthy recipe to prepare for your weight watchers friends. You will mix chicken with vegetable in a cheesy sauce with a little cream to enhance the dish.
Couscous, pear and honeyBy NoemieSemolina is usually served with meat and vegetables but you can also have it as a dessert. In that recipe, you fix it up with pear and honey. It should give a really nice dessert.
Couscous, chicken and sausage (merguez)Couscous, chicken and sausage (merguez)By NoemieThis is an easy recipe to prepare with chicken and vegetables mix up with semolina. You will have a complete meal ready in no time. With good spicing, it will taste great.
Couscous without meatCouscous without meatBy NoemieHere, you mix vegetables with semolina. It will be a good recipe for supper or a vegetarian. A lot of spices and herbs will make the difference in that dish.
Vegetarian couscousVegetarian couscousBy NoemieThis is a good vegetarian recipe. It may take a little time to cut up all the vegetables but the result will be worth it. With a lot of spices and herbs, the taste will be great.
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