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Carrots creamBy NoemieThis is a recipe of carrots and potatoes cream. You can use it as a light supper or cover some pasta or rice. Either way, it is going to be a really healthy meal.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of shrimps and fennelBy NoemieCold soup is popular in Spain and elsewhere as well. Here, you prepare your soup with shrimps, carrots, fennel, some herbs, and liquids. It will taste very good on hot summer days.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberGaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberBy NoemieThis is another refreshing cold soup for summer days. You prepare it with cucumber and other ingredients. Everything gets mix up and put in the fridge for cooling.
Harira (Moroccan soup)By NoemieThis is a recipe of Northern Africa. You will mix some vegetables into a soup with lamb. Special spices will confer a unique taste to the dish. It will be a welcome change into the usual diet.
Harira (Moroccan soup) of vegetablesBy NoemieThis is a vegetable soup with a Northern African touch. In that recipe, you will serve it as a first course but it could also be used as a vegetarian dish. Either way, it is going to be healthy and flavored nicely.
Loubia (white bean soup)By NoemieSoups are always welcome most of the year. In that recipe, you have everything from meat, vegetables, and starch. It is going to be a really healthy dish to share with your family.
recipes soupMinestrone with shell pastaBy NoemieThis is a good recipe to prepare with a variety of vegetables from the garden if you have one. You cut them in small pieces and make a tasty soup. It's going to be delicious and full of great flavor.
recipes soupMinestrone with vegetablesBy NoemieHow about fixing a simple vegetables soup for supper? It is going to be healthy and full of goodies. You can make it with whatever vegetables you have available around the house.
Boiled beefBoiled beefBy NoemieThese following recipes are good for cold winter days. Beef will be boiled with vegetables in a soup type of dish. Plenty of flavors and taste for that meat soup.
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