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One pot noodles in an Asian styleBy NoemieHow about preparing one pot of food? You put all the ingredients in the pot before cooking it. In that recipe, you mix noodles with Asian vegetables and scallops.
One pot pasta and chickenBy NoemieDo you have a little bit of chicken left in your fridge? Let's use it in the one pot recipe. You will mix it up with carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Sprinkle with parsley and cheese before serving will enhance the dish.
One pot pasta and seafoodBy NoemieDo you like seafood? This is a recipe for you. The pasta will be mix up with crustaceans covered in a tomato sauce. It will please your guest by that great tasting dish.
One pot pasta and small shrimpsBy NoemieLet your creativity come out in preparing these one-pot pastas. You can always add your own touch to make it unique. Here, we have pasta mix with shrimps and vegetables.
One pot pasta with mushrooms and Strasbourg sausagesBy NoemieYou can also prepare one-pot pasta for yourself. A very simple one consists in mixing pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausages. The addition of parsley and parmesan will enhance the flavor of the dish.
One pot pasta and prawnsBy NoemieWould you like to have prawns for dinner? Let's try that simple recipe where you mix pasta with shrimps in a tomato sauce. Some herbs and cream will confer a really good taste to the dish.
One pot pasta with turkey and mushroomsBy NoemieThe plus of the one-pot pasta is the fact you can add or reduce amount depending on the number of guests. You can also prepare one portion as you have in that recipe. You mix the pasta with a slice of turkey, some mushrooms and tomato sauce. A few spices and herbs will enhance the dish.
One pot pasta in a chicken Basque StyleBy NoemieWhy not prepare a version of one pot in a fresh style looks? A lot of colorful vegetables will be part of the recipe. Mixed up with pasta and chicken, you will have a healthy dish.
One pot pasta with ham and tomatoBy NoemieAre ham and cheese one of your favorite combination? In that recipe, you can mix them with pasta and tomato sauce. Some herbs will give it a good taste.
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