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Mashed carrotsMashed carrotsBy NoemieHere are the famous mash carrots that every baby must have eaten during there early days. The recipe is just that, carrots with a little spices, and cream to enrich it.
Lobster tailBy NoemieLobster tails are pretty popular. They are well served for a celebration. The preparation consists of simply cooking it in season water. Then, you just enjoy it.
Vegetables quinoaBy NoemieQuinoa goes very well with a mixed up of good vegetables. It will give color, flavor an taste to the quinoa dish. It's also very healthy and light, a good dish for people concern with calories.
RatatouilleBy NoemieHere is a nice recipe for summer days when your garden is full of fresh vegetables. It's called ratatouille and every country prepare it differently but it's always good and tasty.
Ratatouille with chili pimentoRatatouille with chili pimentoBy NoemieThe preparation of ratatouille takes a little time. The vegetables are to be cut but the result is worth it. It' very tasty full of colors and summer flavors.
Wonton with shrimps and gingerBy NoemieDo you like Chinese food well spiced? Then, try the preparation of Chines ravioli with a good stuffing. They will be cooked in coconut milk with all kind of herbs and spices.
Bulgur salad with herbsBy NoemieThis is a way to present wheat in a special form that suits itself well for salad. After cooking the boulgour, it will be mixed up with all kinds of herbs to enhance the taste.
Beef tortillaBy NoemieThis type of recipe is always a welcome change. The following recipe consists of the preparation of ingredients to stuff a tortilla. You can be very creative with the mix, adding whatever you want.
Salmon with ginger and broad beansBy NoemieHow about that interesting recipe of fish, ginger, and vegetables? It will be a dish with a lot of flavors as well as very healthy. A good dish to share with your friends.
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