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Zucchini completeBy NoemieHere is a complete meal to feed your family. You take some zucchini and mix them with bacon, quinoa, and cheese. It is going to be a healthy dish and good tasting as well
Quick lamb couscousBy NoemieYou don’t have much time to prepare dinner? You may be interested in that recipe of lamb and vegetable couscous mix up. After browning the lamb, you put everything in the pot and let it cook for a while.
Couscous in its own fashionBy NoemieThis is a recipe in a mix-up style where you have vegetables, meat, and couscous. Everything to make a great meal and share it with your hungry family.
Couscous with beef meatballsBy NoemieMeatballs are very popular. You can add anything you want to the meatball mixture. In that recipe, you mix a lot of tasty spices with the meat before cooking them.
Express couscousBy NoemieHer is another version of a complete meal of meat and vegetables. You mix the semolina with some tasty, spicy meat and vegetables. The result will be a good sturdy dish with a wonderful aroma
Turkey thigh, quinoa and ciderBy NoemieHere you have a turkey thigh with some quinoa for people that are intolerant to wheat. It is a good substitute and also very healthy. Whit the right spicing, it tastes delicious.
Eggplant curry with chickpeasEggplant curry with chickpeasBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for a vegetarian. You mix eggplants with tomatoes and chickpeas. It should be good for a light supper or to accompany some meat.
Codfish and Oriental vegetablesBy NoemieHere, we have marinated codfish mix up with vegetables and quinoa. It should make a really good and healthy meal. Serve tit to your friends, they will enjoy it.
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