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Quinoa casseroleBy NoemieQuinoa is relatively new and can really be a good substitute for wheat intolerant people. It that recipe, it is mixed up with vegetables and a little meat to enhance the whole dish.
Beef and tomatoesBy NoemieThis is an interesting recipe mixing up beef chunks with olives and pickles. If you like olives, do try that nice dish that shall surprise your guest by its unique taste and nice texture.
Lamb stew with mintBy NoemieNothing taste better that a good stew on a winter day when snow is covering the ground. Of course, you can put about anything in a stew and it will always taste good. Try that sturdy stew with some nice tasty mint in it.
Biryani of vegetablesBy NoemieIf you are a vegetarian, you should try that recipe that mixes rice and several types of vegetables. It could make a good evening meal. The spices and herbs will enhance the taste of the dish.
Chicken legsBy NoemieThis is another sturdy dish for the winter when the wind howls outside. The whole family will enjoy that good, home tasting recipe with a mixture of vegetables and chicken.
Duck with plums in a tajine styleBy NoemieThis is a light recipe of ducks with a South Eastern touch. Get together with your weight watchers friends and fix that good dish with some tasty spices and some plums. It should be absolutely delicious.
Moroccan beef meatballBy NoemieThis is a good dish that combines meatball with Moroccan spices. Try it, you will surprise everybody with the audacious combination. The apricot and raisin semolina is going to accompany well the meatballs.
Lentils ballsBy NoemieThere are possibilities to make balls with other ingredients than meat. Why not trying the lentils balls roasted with a good sauce to accompany them. It is a quick dish to make if you are in a hurry.
Meatball, cheese and eggplantsBy NoemieThis is an interesting way of presenting meatballs. You stuff them with a small ball of mozzarella and fix some eggplant to accompany it. That dish will cause a delightful surprise for sure; try it on your family.
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