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Spanish pot and Elodie's pastaSpanish pot and Elodie’s pastaBy NoemieHere is another mix-up pot where you use pasta instead of rice. It will be a colorful and refreshing dish to share with your friends. Plenty of spices and herbs to give it a good flavor.
Spanish pot in a light versionSpanish pot in a light versionBy NoemieYou are meeting with your weight watchers friends tonight. Why not prepare a mixed pot? It's an easy recipe of chicken, pepper, rice and, a few goods spices. You put everything in the pot and in no time, it will be ready.
Spanish omelet with baconBy NoemieHere is the recipe of the famous Spanish omelet. You mix the eggs with potatoes and onion. The result will be a rich and sturdy dish to share with your friends or family.
Chicken paella and seafoodChicken paella and seafoodBy NoemieDo you like the popular paella? This is a dish that permits a lot of creativity concerning ingredients. In that recipe, you mix rice with chicken, seafood, peas, and pepper.
Paella with chicken and chorizo (sausage)Paella with chicken and chorizo (sausage)By NoemieIn that recipe, you will prepare the paella with meat, rice, and fresh vegetables. This is a dish that will be full of flavor and color. Some good spices will enhance the taste of the dish.
Classic paellaClassic paellaBy NoemiePaella is a good dish to prepare for your guest. It's always well appreciated and easy to make. The presentation will depend on what kind of ingredients you use but it's usually colorful.
Express paella and chickenBy NoemieThis is a dish of paella with summer smell and flavor. Chicken and rice will be mix with sun vegetables like eggplant, pepper, and zucchini. A dash of pimento to enhance the taste of the whole dish.
Angelique's vegetarian paellaAngelique’s vegetarian paellaBy NoemieHere, you have a version of vegetarian paella. Instead of meat, the recipe calls for soy protein. It's a good substitute and also gives a good texture to the dish. With vegetables and spices, it will taste delicious.
Riojana potatoesRiojana potatoesBy NoemieThis is a recipe of potatoes from Rioja, a region from Spain. Different versions are available. Here is one of them where you mix the potatoes with sausages and tomatoes.
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