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Lasagna and vegetablesLasagna and vegetablesBy NoemieThis is an easy and very quick recipe to prepare in the summer when you have an abundance of zucchinis in the garden. You may also use some fresh tomatoes to make your tomato sauce if you have time.
Macaroni in a carbonara styleBy NoemieIf you like Italian style food, you definitely want to try that recipe. It is easy, fast and it's going to taste great. You just mix up pasta with a creamy sauce. A bit of cheese sprinkled on top and your dish is ready.
Scallop and mascarpone creamBy NoemieMascarpone soft cheese is an Italian specialty. It has a lot of cream in it and makes delicious desserts. In that case, you mix it up with the scallops to give them a unique taste.
Panna cottaPanna cottaBy NoemieThis is an Italian dessert based on cream, milk, and gelatin. After warming the cream and milk, you mix it up with the gelatin. You can serve it with a fruit sauce to go on top.
Pannacotta with strawberriesBy NoemieThis is another way to prepare pannacotta. The flavor will be strawberry in that recipe. In the springtime, when strawberries have a great taste, it will make a delicious dessert.
Panna cotta with thyme and grapefruitBy NoemiePanna cotta comes in many different ways and colors depending on the fruit used. In this case, you prepare it with grapefruit. It 's going to be a refreshing dessert.
ParmigianaParmigianaBy NoemieIf you like eggplants, cheese, and tomatoes, that recipe is for you. It's a dish for summer days when the garden has an abundance of tomatoes and eggplants.
Pasta with simply Arrabiata spicesPasta with simply Arrabiata spicesBy NoemieIn that recipe, the spices will be what makes it special. It's a mix of Italian spices called Arrabiata. It goes very well on pasta giving them a distinctive taste.
Carbonara pastaCarbonara pastaBy NoemieWho hasn't eaten pasta Carbonara? Well, here you have a version of it. You can prepare it for your friends and serve the dish an evening. Everybody will enjoy it.
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