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Shrimps, white wine and sesame seedBy NoemieIf you are a fan of shrimps, you definitely want to try that delicious recipe. It consists of shrimps cook in cream and tomato. You serve them with some sesame seed and parsley.
Pork fillet mignon, coco and curryBy NoemieDo you want to try to prepare your pork roast in a different manner? This is a recipe for you. Here, you mix the pork with some Asian ingredients like coconut milk, bananas, ginger, and curry. It should be delicious.
recette-wwExotic fillet mignonBy NoemieHere is a nice way to present your pork roast for a celebration. You are going to mix it up with some pineapple and pepper. It is going to taste just wonderful
Coconut custardCoconut custardBy NoemieMore often, custard is made into a dessert. Here, you simply mix up some coconut with the usual ingredients of custard. It will be a delicious dessert.
Malaysian vapor cooked custardBy NoemieThis is a simple but rich dessert with sugar and custard ingredients. You will serve them with some whipped cream. It will end up rather nicely a light meal.
Vanilla and cardamon HalwaBy NoemieThis is going to be a fun and interesting dessert to prepare. You will mix some semolina with dry fruits and Asian spices before cooking it with milk and sugar. You will surprise and certainly enchant your guest with that unusual dessert
Vegetables Hachar (salty and spicy pickle vegetables)Vegetables Hachar (salty and spicy pickle vegetables)By NoemieThis is an Asian way of preparing vegetables a little bit complex. They are cut or minced, cook briefly before adding some vinegar. The next day, you will be able to eat your crisp sour vegetables. You can add all kind of spices to make it a little bit hot.
Fry vegetables and TofuBy NoemieTofu has become very popular among vegetarians. It can replace meat adequately. In that recipe, you mix it up with some vegetables making a really healthy dish.
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