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Pork chops with mushrooms and chestnutBy NoemieMixing mushrooms with pork chops go very well together. In that case, you add also a few chestnuts to give it a wonderful texture. The result will be very good.
Zuccchini and goat cheeseZuccchini and goat cheeseBy NoemieZucchini is about available all year long even if they taste a lot better in season. It is also very quick to cook which makes it a favorite in our speed up world. Here you just mix it up with some soft goat cheese.
recette-wwZucchini and caraway seedBy NoemieZucchini is the perfect vegetable for a low-calorie diet. You can eat all you want without worry. In that recipe, you prepare zucchini with a few herbs to give it a distinctive taste.
Zucchini completeBy NoemieHere is a complete meal to feed your family. You take some zucchini and mix them with bacon, quinoa, and cheese. It is going to be a healthy dish and good tasting as well
Express couscousBy NoemieHer is another version of a complete meal of meat and vegetables. You mix the semolina with some tasty, spicy meat and vegetables. The result will be a good sturdy dish with a wonderful aroma
Vegetarian couscousVegetarian couscousBy NoemieThis is a good vegetarian recipe. It may take a little time to cut up all the vegetables but the result will be worth it. With a lot of spices and herbs, the taste will be great.
Turkey thigh, cider and potatoesTurkey thigh, cider and potatoesBy NoemieIn that recipe, you will cook the turkey thigh in cider. It will confer a special flavor to the dish. With some vegetables to accompany the meat, you will have the perfect dish.
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