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Wheat and vegetables full of sunBy NoemieThis is a good weight watchers recipe to try in the summer when your garden in full of fresh and tasty vegetables. Everybody will love that dish full of sunshine with a great smell.
Bo bunBy NoemieWhy not try an exotic dish for a change? It will surprise your family and they will surely enjoy that mixture of sliced beef in a very tasty Asian sauce. The recipe is a little bit long to prepare but the result is worth it.
Beef carrots and mushroomsBy NoemieHow about some beef in chunks with a tasty wine sauce? some good herbs and spices will enhance that dish. Let’s try the vegetables and beef recipe that will delight your friends on a rainy day.
Mediterranean ground beef WWBy NoemieThis is a great weight watchers dish to try in the warm days of summer. Get your friends and fix that multi-vegetable recipe that will embalm your kitchen with summer smell
Salmon stew WWBy NoemieThis is a good fish stew on the light side with salmon and mushrooms with a little cream to enhance the taste. Why don’t you try that recipe if you like salmon? It’s not because you are on a diet that you can’t enjoy good things in life!
Lamb stew with mintBy NoemieNothing taste better that a good stew on a winter day when snow is covering the ground. Of course, you can put about anything in a stew and it will always taste good. Try that sturdy stew with some nice tasty mint in it.
Chicken breast with potatoesChicken breast with potatoesBy NoemieA very simple but good dish is the chicken breast mix up with potatoes. It will be a sturdy meal for the cold days of winter. Why not trying it? It will be enjoyed by everyone at any time
Chicken breast and tarragonChicken breast and tarragonBy NoemieIt is easy to cook chicken breast and they mix well with about anything. Why not try a recipe with creamy tarragon sauce? It will be a delicious dish to prepare for your family.
Squid and tomato sauceSquid and tomato sauceBy NoemieSquids are strange creatures and not everybody likes them. Cooked in a good tasty tomato sauce, they might just convince the most recalcitrant person. Try it and see what you think about that dish.
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