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Rooster, wine and cognacBy NoemieThis is a very popular dish to fix for a celebration. The recipe is about a rooster in a thick tasty sauce. You can serve it with some potatoes, rice or whatever seems fit for the occasion.
Pasta, vegetables and chicken filetBy NoemiePasta is a quick way to fix a meal and they are always available in a household. In that recipe, you mix the pasta with some vegetables and chicken pieces. It will taste just great.
Caribbean chicken ColomboBy NoemieWhy not try to combine two different styles together? That recipe of chicken, different vegetable and some Asian spices should give a unique taste to that dish.
Chicken Colombo with West Indian flavorChicken Colombo with West Indian flavorBy NoemieYou can try some chicken with exotic spices and you should get a good spicy meal to share with your family. You may cook some rice to accompany the dish.
SauerkrautSauerkrautBy NoemieThe sauerkraut is a very popular dish among the Europeans. You can fix it up with about any types of meats and sausages. It is pretty quick to make once everything is in the pot.
Red cabbage and baconBy NoemieYou can mix red cabbage with any ingredients you want. The added vinegar enhances the dish and gives it a unique taste. Share the meal with your friends or family
Red cabbage and ciderBy NoemieThis is another version of red cabbage with instead some cider as a liquid. It will give it a special taste and flavor to accompany some wild games.
Stew bean and potatoesStew bean and potatoesBy NoemieThat recipe is for you if you like bean and sausage. Different sausages with potatoes and bean mix up to make a sturdy dish for the winter after a day outdoors
Bean stew with poultry sausageBy NoemieThis is another version of the bean being used in a mix up of meats and vegetables. Beans are a good base in a meal and can be mixed up with about anything. It will always come out savory.
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