The pressure cooker

Cooking is an important part of life and we spend a number of hours preparing all types of recipe every week. It is important to be able to present nutritious and healthy meal in an adequate amount of time. You probably have heard the old saying; “we are what we eat.”

Some kitchen appliances will definitely shorten the time of cooking like the pressure cooker. Basically the pressure cooker uses steam pressure in a sealed pan that raise the boiling temperature to cook food more quickly.

Brief history of pressure cooker.

The attempt in pressure-cooking started in 1679 with the “steam digester” in an effort to speed up the time needed to cook food. The first real progress came in the beginning of the 20-century when a German created a saucepan type of pressure cooker. It was easy to close the lid and the improvement continued until the creation of the pressure cooker with multiple cooking programs available.

Introduction of the pressure cooker in a few words.

The conventional pressure cooker has a weight on top the pressure hole that hisses letting the steam escape when the pre-set pressure is reached. In the old model and also the new, you have to wait until the pressure dropped in the pan before opening the pan. 

The electric pressure cooker consist ofan inner pot in which the user puts all the ingredients and then sets the pressure cooking duration for the type of food to be cooked. It is as simple as that.

Over time, more and more kind of multi-pressure cooker became available.

What they can do.

The primary function is of course to cook your food in less time. You can cook about anything you take a fancy in. You want some porridge for breakfast but you are in a hurry. No problem, just put your grain in the pressure cooker pot and cook it for whatever amount of time is needed. Some models have pre set buttons for different category of food. For example, the rice button may say 15 minutes but it will take longer for whole brown rice.  There are plenty of charts online to tell you how long to cook different ingredients.

Some of the programs available are:

  • Simmering
  • Braising
  • Slow cooking
  • Warming
  • Stewing
  • Rice cooking
  • Sterilizing

How to use one.

You can try to cook simple thing at first until you know you pressure cooker pot better. Always put the ingredients in the pot and not in the cooker. Push the corresponding button for the type of cooking being made like fish for example and let’s go. You will be looking at the pressure dial. After a short while, the pressure will start counting down until it is safe to open. It is really simple to use a pressure cooker and a helpful kitchen appliance.

It is also really good to sterilize bottle or jars before filling them up with juice or food.

The nutritional value, vitamins and minerals are retained and, in the case of antioxidants are increase because of the short steam cooking. It is a really healthy way to prepare your food.

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