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Pork chop and tomatoBy NoemieWhat about fixing some chops with a great tomato sauce. You can add up some spices and herbs to your tomato sauce to make it even tastier. You will have a nice dinner with your friend.
Pork rib with mustardBy NoemieYou can cook some pork ribs in any fashion. In that recipe, you have some mustard and garlic to give it a unique taste. Family and friends will enjoy that nice dish.
Swiss chard with the greenBy NoemieThis is a good recipe to use Swiss chard. It is easy and if you omit the bacon it can make a good vegetarian dish. You may accompany it with rice or another starchy food.
Lamb chops with potatoesBy NoemieThis is another simple but complete recipe to prepare for your family. You use some lamb chops with potatoes. A few herbs to help with the flavor and your dish is almost ready.
Pork ribs with Roquefort cheeseBy NoemieFor people that like blue cheese, you may try that recipe. After cooking the ribs, you mix Roquefort cheese with cream to make a very tasty sauce.
Pork ribs and mix vegetablesBy NoemieThis is a good recipe with winter vegetables. You mix them with beer and bouillon to enhance the dish. It will give it a particularly enjoyable taste.
Lamb ribs, peas and pastaBy NoemieWhy not try the lamb with peas and pasta for dinner. It is a good sturdy meal; quickly prepare. Your family will enjoy it without question.
Leeks and potatoes with creamBy NoemieHere is a nice recipe to prepare for the next meeting with your weight watchers friends. Leeks and potatoes covered in a nice sauce made with cream, egg yolk, and chives.
Cockerels mix upBy NoemieYou can use the cockerel as a base and add whatever ingredients you have in your cupboard. In that recipe, you mix up the cockerel with some spices and bacon.
Rooster, wine and cognacBy NoemieThis is a very popular dish to fix for a celebration. The recipe is about a rooster in a thick tasty sauce. You can serve it with some potatoes, rice or whatever seems fit for the occasion.
Chicken or turkey with red wineBy NoemieWhat about preparing a pot of chicken with some red wine sauce? In that recipe, you do just that with a few vegetables and some good herbs. You will have a delicious meal ready for your hungry guest.
Lamb ribs, carrots and riceBy NoemieThis is a recipe with lamb ribs and vegetables. Lamb's ribs are good in any way and you can accompany them with anything you want. In that dish, you have carrots, mushrooms, and rice.
Schnitzel WWBy NoemieOnce the exercise session is finished, you may want to fix dinner with your weight watcher friend. Try the light recipe of schnitzel. You may want to fix some vegetable or salad to accompany it.
Pasta, pepper, chicken and creamBy NoemieThis is another quick and simple way to fix a meal. Take some chicken, pepper, and pasta. A little bit of cream to make a good juicy sauce and your dish will be ready in no time.
Pasta, Strasbourg sausage and tomatoesBy NoemiePasta mixes very well with tomatoes. You may want to try to prepare that recipe of tomatoes, pasta, and sausages. It should make the kids happy, they always like sausages.
Pasta in a Spanish fashionBy NoemieYou can accommodate pasta with about anything. Her you have a combination of pasta and some pepper and good spices giving a Spanish touch to your dish.
Pasta, vegetables and chicken filetBy NoemiePasta is a quick way to fix a meal and they are always available in a household. In that recipe, you mix the pasta with some vegetables and chicken pieces. It will taste just great.
Pasta, endives and ground meatBy NoemieYou have a perfect complete meal with that recipe. You mix some pasta with endives and ground meat before serving it. A good sturdy dish for the cold winter days.
Scallops with WhiskyBy NoemieScallops are very popular and delicious in any way you fix them. In that recipe as a first course, the scallops are browned light before being blazed. A little bit of cream before serving.
Shell type pasta ProvençalBy NoemieThis is a recipe to prepare when you are in a hurry and your fridge is about empty. You cook some shell types of pasta, mix a can of ratatouille, tuna and, some tomato sauce. Very quickly done.
Shell type pasta ProvençalBy NoemieThis is a recipe to prepare when you are in a hurry and your fridge is about empty. You cook some shell types of pasta, mix a can of ratatouille, tuna, and some tomato sauce. Very quickly done.
Cockerels with a mushrooms sauceBy NoemieYou may try to prepare some tender cockerel for your next meal. Once they are cooked, you will add some cream to make a delicious sauce with some mushrooms
Rooster and wine in a simplify wayBy NoemieThe marinade will give the meat a really good taste. This is an easy and simple recipe to make for a beginner. The result will convince everybody of your talent as a cook.
Giant cookieBy NoemieThis is an interesting dessert, a giant cookie for a whole family. You mix all the ingredients and cook them. You will have in no time a cookie to share after a good meal.
Strawberry jam with mintBy NoemieYou can enhance your strawberry jam with adding some mint. They go well together and it will give your jam a particular taste. Spread on piece of bread it will be appreciated at breakfast
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