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White chocolate creamBy NoemieWhite chocolate has always been one of my favorites. In that recipe, you prepare the cream with white chocolate> after you put some gelatin, you let it solidify some in the fridge.
Caramel candy (carambar)creamBy NoemieThis is a dessert for children. You mix some candy with milk and make a cream out of it. The result should be interesting and probably pretty tasty.
Coconut cream without eggsCoconut cream without eggsBy NoemieIf your favorite is coconut, you really want to try that recipe. You will mix milk, coconut and sugar and transformed it in a cream. It is that simple and it should taste delicious.
Vanilla cream without eggsBy NoemieIf you are in a hurry, you can try that very quickly made vanilla cream. It is very simple with some milk, sugar, and vanilla. It will be a good dessert after a simple meal.
Candied orange peelsCandied orange peelsBy NoemieIf you like candied fruits, you may want to try that simple recipe of candied orange peel. You can keep them in an airtight box for a while.
Chocolate powder (nesquik) cakeBy NoemieIf you are intolerant to eggs, you could try to prepare that recipe of chocolate cake. You just have to mix chocolate powder with flour, milk, sugar, and butter. You cook your dough and you have your chocolate cake.
Vanilla and cardamon HalwaBy NoemieThis is going to be a fun and interesting dessert to prepare. You will mix some semolina with dry fruits and Asian spices before cooking it with milk and sugar. You will surprise and certainly enchant your guest with that unusual dessert
Panna cotta with thyme and grapefruitBy NoemiePanna cotta comes in many different ways and colors depending on the fruit used. In this case, you prepare it with grapefruit. It 's going to be a refreshing dessert.
Banana and sesame seed cooked in paperBy NoemieDo you like banana and Asian cooking? Let's try that simple recipe of steam cooking bananas. With the addition of coconut and sesame seed, your dessert should be delicious.
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