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Cooked red fruit juiceCooked red fruit juiceBy NoemieThis is a good dessert for hot summer days. You just lightly cook a mixture of red fruits; whatever is available around the house at the time. Serve it to your guest after a nice meal.
Pork greavesPork greavesBy NoemieThis is a great first course of pork spread. It is not very complicated and you can fix it in advance and put it in the refrigerator. In time, you can serve it with some bread and a glass of wine.
Tuna custardBy NoemieThis is a refreshing recipe for a warm summer day. You prepare custard made of tuna and herbs. You can serve it with a glass of wine on the terrace an evening.
Carrots custardBy NoemieThis is another recipe for summer days. Here, you make a puree with carrots and then mix them up with the custard ingredients. It will be a fine first course dish.
Crab custardBy NoemieWhy not try to prepare the crab custard if you like seafood? It’s bound to be good and it’s easy to fix. You just take some crab and mix it up with cream, eggs, and a little tomato paste.
Sweet potatoes and coconut milk custardBy NoemieSweet potatoes work really well in custard or pie. They can be used in a sweet dish or salty one. Either way, it is always good. Here, the recipe is with coconut milk and a little chili pepper.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of shrimps and fennelBy NoemieCold soup is popular in Spain and elsewhere as well. Here, you prepare your soup with shrimps, carrots, fennel, some herbs, and liquids. It will taste very good on hot summer days.
Gaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberGaspacho (cold soup) of cucumberBy NoemieThis is another refreshing cold soup for summer days. You prepare it with cucumber and other ingredients. Everything gets mix up and put in the fridge for cooling.
Green bean in a Provençal styleGreen bean in a Provençal styleBy NoemieHere is a refreshing recipe for summer days. You may want to use some fresh ingredients if you have time. The green bean will be mix with tomato, pepper, olives. A few herbs will enhance the flavor of the dish.
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