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Cream béchamelCream béchamelBy NoemieEverybody is familiar with the béchamel sauce. you can use it to cover vegetables, meats, or make a gratin. Very simple and quick with butter, flour, and milk.
Smooth soup of Jerusalem artichokesSmooth soup of Jerusalem artichokesBy NoemieJerusalem artichoke has a special taste but is healthy as a vegetable. In the following recipe, the artichoke is cooked before being turn into a cream. White cheese will be added to the dish.
recette_sauceVegetables sauce for spaghettiBy NoemieHere is a healthy sauce for pasta. It consists of carrots and broccoli mainly mixed up with seasoning and cream. It will be delicious on your favorite pasta.
Leeks sauce with chickenLeeks sauce with chickenBy NoemieHow about a sauce made of leeks and chicken? A thick sauce made of cream and spices will be added to the meat and leeks. It will be good served with pasta, rice or potatoes.
Sauce bologneseSauce bologneseBy NoemieYou will have to gather a lot of herbs to prepare that homemade bolognese sauce. The result will be a very tasty sauce full of summer flavors.
Sauce Bolognese with tunaSauce Bolognese with tunaBy NoemieThere is no reason you could not be a little bit creative with the preparation of a Bolognese sauce. In that case, you mix tomatoes with tuna and olives.
Savory Bolognese sauceSavory Bolognese sauceBy NoemieA lot of ingredients are going in that recipe of Bolognese sauce. Meat, vegetables, spices, and herbs will be mixed up with tomatoes and milk.
recette_sauceSimple sauce BologneseBy NoemieWhy not try that simple recipe of Bolognese sauce with some ripe an fresh tomatoes from the garden? It will be full of flavors and delicious on top of pasta or others.
Vegetarian Bolognese sauceVegetarian Bolognese sauceBy NoemieThere is no reason why vegetarian couldn't have a good bolognese sauce. That recipe consists of vegetables, soy protein to replace meat, spices, and herbs.
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