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Scallops with WhiskyBy NoemieScallops are very popular and delicious in any way you fix them. In that recipe as a first course, the scallops are browned light before being blazed. A little bit of cream before serving.
Indian style cauliflowerBy NoemieThis is a dish in the Asian style that uses cauliflower with spices and coconut cream. It should make the Asian food lover happy as it will be tasty and full of savor.
Stuff pastryBy NoemieThis is a pretty popular dish that goes really well as a first course. In that case, the stuffing of mix chicken mushrooms, and parsley for the taste and color in a creamy sauce should please everybody.
Chunk of goose liver with figsBy NoemieThis is a recipe as a first course for a holiday or anniversary that will delight your guest. Everybody appreciates goose liver and the addition of figs will give it a unique touch. It should be a real success.
Ham and cheese escalopeBy NoemieThis is pretty popular in Europe; wrap cheese in a slice of ham or thin steak before cooking. Let’s try the ham and cheese escalope as a first course. It will be tasty, quick to make and should please your guest.
Artichokes with tuna sauceBy NoemieTuna and artichoke are a nice combination that should be refreshing and light as a first course. Your guest will be delighted and will appreciate the special dish on a summer evening
Artichoke and bouillonBy NoemieDo you like artichokes? That recipe for the first course with artichoke heart mix with a salad dressing should be greatly appreciated. It’s going to be refreshing and tasty as well as light.
Carrots caviarBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for a first course or a vegetarian. The carrots with some good herbs and spices will confer it a wonderful texture and taste. Enjoy it with your family.
Olive, ham, and ricotta cakeBy Noemiehis is a very simple and easy first-course little cake recipe. Some olives, hams, ricotta mixed up and you almost have it. A little cooking and the delicious smell will attract your guest at the table.
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