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Cream with a caramelized top and gooseCream with a caramelized top and gooseBy NoemieUsually, the cream with the caramelized top is sweet. In that case, it is a little bit different. You use goose liver for the cream and put the sugar on top. An interesting version worth trying.
Coral lentils creamCoral lentils creamBy NoemieThis is going to be a really good and tasty first course. You use some coral lentils with a lot of spices before transforming into a cream.
Pork greavesPork greavesBy NoemieThis is a great first course of pork spread. It is not very complicated and you can fix it in advance and put it in the refrigerator. In time, you can serve it with some bread and a glass of wine.
Shrimps, coconut milk and curryBy NoemieThis is an easy and quick first course with an Asian touch. You will prepare some shrimps with some coconut milk as a sauce. It should taste just delicious.
Shrimps and curry creamBy NoemieShrimps are good ingredients to prepare a quick first-course meal. You can make al kind of different sauce to put on top of them. In that recipe, you use cream and curry.
Shrimps, white wine and sesame seedBy NoemieThis is a dish of shrimps with some sesame seeds. Often adding some seeds will enhance a lot a dish. The presentation will be great as well as the tasting.
Snails puff-pieBy NoemieThis is a recipe for people that like snails. You mix them with some cream and mushrooms. Then, you stuff some puff-pie with the mixture.
Duo of aperitif dipsBy NoemieAperitifs are always a nice way to meet your friends for some friendly chat. In that recipe, you prepare two types of dips. One with sweet potatoes and the other one with peas and Japanese horseradish.
Bourguignon snailsBy NoemieHere is a recipe with snails for people who like the little beast. You mix them with butter and good spices to enhance the whole dish of snails. Serve on toast, it should be really good.
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