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Stuff pastryStuff pastryBy NoemieThis is a pretty popular dish that goes really well as a first course. In that case, the stuffing of mix chicken mushrooms, and parsley for the taste and color in a creamy sauce should please everybody.
Chunk of goose liver with figsChunk of goose liver with figsBy NoemieThis is a recipe as a first course for a holiday or anniversary that will delight your guest. Everybody appreciates goose liver and the addition of figs will give it a unique touch. It should be a real success.
Ham and cheese escalopeHam and cheese escalopeBy NoemieThis is pretty popular in Europe; wrap cheese in a slice of ham or thin steak before cooking. Let’s try the ham and cheese escalope as a first course. It will be tasty, quick to make and should please your guest.
Artichokes with tuna sauceArtichokes with tuna sauceBy NoemieTuna and artichoke are a nice combination that should be refreshing and light as a first course. Your guest will be delighted and will appreciate the special dish on a summer evening
Artichoke and bouillonArtichoke and bouillonBy NoemieDo you like artichokes? That recipe for the first course with artichoke heart mix with a salad dressing should be greatly appreciated. It’s going to be refreshing and tasty as well as light.
Carrots caviarCarrots caviarBy NoemieThis is a good recipe for a first course or a vegetarian. The carrots with some good herbs and spices will confer it a wonderful texture and taste. Enjoy it with your family.
Olive, ham, and ricotta cakeBy Noemiehis is a very simple and easy first-course little cake recipe. Some olives, hams, ricotta mixed up and you almost have it. A little cooking and the delicious smell will attract your guest at the table.
Bouillon, chicken and tarragonBouillon, chicken and tarragonBy NoemieThis is a good first-course dish with an Asian touch. The ginger and tarragon will confer to that soup a particular aroma and taste that can only please your family.
Bouillon, chicken and basilBouillon, chicken and basilBy NoemieThis is a good interesting first-course soup with an Asian touch. The lemon stalk and the anis star will give to that soup a really unique taste that should please everybody. It is always good to try new taste in food.
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