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Ricipes for babyPumpkin, onion and chervil soupBy NoemieThis is another simple soup for a baby. It consists of pumpkins with a little chervil to enhance the taste. It's good to use a few herbs in the soup. The baby will get used to them for later in life.
Ricipes for babyRed soupBy NoemieWith such a title, you could wonder what's in that recipe! It's simply, a preparation for a baby with potatoes and tomatoes. It will look red and taste delicious.
Ricipes for babyGreen soupBy NoemieDo you wonder what is in a green soup? Try it, you won't be disappointed. The recipe is for a baby and it has spinach, zucchini, green beans, and leeks for the green part.
Baby compote with apples and grapesBy NoemieYou can also prepare a bunch of purees and you can put them in a little jar for further use. They will keep for a few days in the fridge and be handy when you are in a hurry.
Baby compote with apple, pear and lemonBy NoemieYou may want to try to add a little lemon in the puree. The baby will get use to acid food. There are so many fruits available that you can more or less try something different every day.
Baby compote with apple and red fruitsBy NoemieApple always makes a good base for the puree. It has a lot of pectin that will give the compote the right texture. Then, you just add whatever fruits you have in your cupboard or in the garden.
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