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Zucchini, tomato and poach eggsBy NoemieThis is an interesting recipe using eggs and zucchinis. The outcome should be good and healthy. With the cream and tomatoes, you will have a perfect mix up.
Stuff zucchiniBy NoemieZucchinis come into different color and shapes. In that recipe, you use some round one and stuff them with a mixture of vegetables, rice, and eggs. The result should be a meal tasty and delicious.
Stuff zucchinis in a light fashionStuff zucchinis in a light fashionBy Noemie Stuffing zucchinis with meat are very popular. You prepare it with lean meat, spices and the pulp of the zucchinis. You may share that dish with your weight watcher friend.
Zucchinis orloffZucchinis orloffBy NoemieThis is an interesting presentation that should taste very good. You mix zucchinis with cheese and bacon and cook them on top of rice.
Stuff round zucchinisStuff round zucchinisBy NoemieYou can stuff zucchinis with about any mixture. In that recipe, you put a little rice in the bottom before stuffing it with meat and spices. A good meal in perspective.
Zucchini, tomatoes and poach eggsBy NoemieThis is a version of zucchinis with poaching eggs and tomatoes. You add some cream to get a nice thick sauce and your dinner is going to be delicious.
Zucchinis, cheese and ground meatZucchinis, cheese and ground meatBy NoemieThis is another version of zucchinis and ground meat with a cheese sauce. when you mix vegetables with meat and cheese, the kids will love it. It is a good way to get them to eat vegetables.
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