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Coral lentils creamCoral lentils creamBy NoemieThis is going to be a really good and tasty first course. You use some coral lentils with a lot of spices before transforming into a cream.
Caramel chicken filletsCaramel chicken filletsBy NoemieIf you like chicken prepared in a different way, you may want to try that recipe. Here, you cook the chicken with some caramel butter and sugar. You surely will have a special tasting chicken.
Loubia (white bean soup)By NoemieSoups are always welcome most of the year. In that recipe, you have everything from meat, vegetables, and starch. It is going to be a really healthy dish to share with your family.
Hard boiled eggsHard boiled eggsBy NoemieHow about preparing some hard-boiled eggs? Once they are cooked, you can use them in many different dishes or simply eat them that way. They would also do well for breakfast.
PopcornPopcornBy NoemieAre you going to watch a nice movie tonight? Maybe, you could prepare some homemade popcorn. Very simple and you may put sugar or salt on them depending on your mood.
Vegetables soupVegetables soupBy NoemieThis is a good and very healthy recipe for vegetable lover or vegetarians. A rather impressive choice of vegetables will be mixed together to form a great soup.
Potful of vegetarian vegetables from AngeliquePotful of vegetarian vegetables from AngeliqueBy NoemieThis is a recipe for vegetarian or people caring for their health. A big potful of vegetables with spices, herbs, and soy protein. It will be a welcome change to the usual dish containing meat.
Chicken with riceChicken with riceBy NoemieChicken is mostly served with rice. Somehow, it's a very good combination. It is the case in the following recipe where the chicken is prepared with rice and a few other ingredients.
Satay chickenBy NoemieSpices can really change a recipe. In that case, a lot of Asian spices will be mixed up with the chicken. The dish should taste great with exotic flavors.
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