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Meatball ProvençaleMeatball ProvençaleBy NoemieHow about trying some meatball with a nice mixture of summer vegetables and nice spices? This is a dish full of goodies and likely to please your whole family by its wonderful fresh taste and smell
Beef and pepperBy NoemieThat recipe will mix up some beef cut in pieces with some nice tasty colorful crunchy pepper from the garden. Some wine and herbs will give a final touch that should make it perfect
Beef meatball and Basque sauceBeef meatball and Basque sauceBy NoemieThis is a version of meatball with a sauce Basque. You may prepare the sauce yourself or get one already made if you are in a hurry. A few sweet peppers should give it color and texture.
Spanish scramble eggsBy NoemieThe base of that recipe is egg. You can add and mix eggs in anyway you want. In that dish, you will have some scramble eggs with vegetables and starch. It is going to be a complete meal that will satisfy the whole family.
Beef catalaneBeef catalaneBy NoemieThis is a dish that mixes up ground beef and pork meatballs with tomatoes and olives to give it a Spanish touch. It should please your guest at any time of the year.
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