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Pasta in a Spanish fashionBy NoemieHere is a presentation of pasta with Spanish spices. The recipe also called for chicken, bacon, and vegetables. It will be a colorful and tasteful dish to share with your friends.
Pasta with tuna, tomatoes and olivesPasta with tuna, tomatoes and olivesBy NoemieIf you like Mediterranean cooking, that recipe is for you. You will add a lot of fresh vegetables to the pasta as well as tuna and olives. It's going to be tasty and really healthy.
Mix pepperBy NoemieThis is a recipe for a first course full of summer flavor and color. A bunch of different pepper with garlic and tomatoes cooked in olive oil. It could also accompany some grilled meat.
Pepper, tomatoes and fetaPepper, tomatoes and fetaBy NoemieThis is a recipe to prepare in the summer when there are a lot of fresh tomatoes and peppers. They are cooked briefly with some feta cheese. Basilic is added to give a good flavor to the dish.
Mix up of eggplantsMix up of eggplantsBy NoemieThat recipe should be prepared in summer when there are plenty of fresh vegetables. Eggplants, tomatoes, pepper, and zucchinis will be mix up to make that delicious dish full of sun.
Spanish riceBy NoemieThis is a good recipe comprising of rice and vegetables. It will be a simple dish to prepare and share with your family. A little bit of everything to make it complete and healthy.
Pasta in a Spanish fashionPasta in a Spanish fashionBy NoemieYou can accommodate pasta with about anything. Her you have a combination of pasta and some pepper and good spices giving a Spanish touch to your dish.
Figs jamFigs jamBy NoemieFigs make good jam. When in season and the tree are full of them, it is a good time to make the jam. You can also freeze the figs for later use. It can be fun to make jam in the middle of winter when it is cold outside.
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