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Chicken slices in a Mexican styleBy NoemieDo you want to add up a touch of exotic to your meal? Let’s try the chicken slices in a Mexican fashion. Some peppers, corns and hot spices will highly season the dish.
Trimming for FajitasTrimming for FajitasBy NoemieFajitas are very popular in South Texas and Mexico. You can be very creative with them and add all types of ingredients. Here, you prepare the mixture with pepper, chicken, and tomatoes. You can add hot pimento to flavor them.
Mexican beef cheekMexican beef cheekBy NoemieFor that recipe, you will use some beef cheek cut into chunks with a mix of Mexican vegetables. A little bit of hot pimento will enhance the flavor of the dish.
Angelique's Mexican pastaAngelique’s Mexican pastaBy NoemieLet's try a vegetarian recipe with a lot of goodies. Pasta will be cooked with a lot of Mexican spices and beans to replace the meat. A ripe avocado serves on top of the pasta will give that dish a special look and taste.
risotto recipes pressure cookerMexican risottoBy NoemieDo you have friends that like spicy food? You could try to prepare that Mexican risotto. Rice will be mixed up with pepper, hot sausage, and good Mexican seasoning.
Mexican riceMexican riceBy NoemieIf you want a real Mexican dish, you will have to spice it up a little bit. Of course, it will depend to whom it's going to be served. Anyway, it's a simple and quick dish to prepare with a lot of colors to it.
Mexican riceBy NoemieHere is rice full of Mexican flavors. It consists of mixing spicy sausages with pepper and tomato. Some good spices and herbs will confer a great taste to the dish.
Chili con carne express WWChili con carne express WWBy NoemieIf you like Mexican food, you may want to try the easy recipe of chili con carne. Some rice will accompany the dish and you can share it with your weight watchers friends.
ChiliChili con carne quick and easyBy NoemieYou can put anything you want in your chili con carne. If you like, you can also add up some strong pimento to give it a real Mexican taste. It is up to you and your family how hot you can handle it.
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