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Bouillon with potatoes, broccoli, cauliflowerBy NoemieSoups are always welcome any days. Try that simple dish that mixes bouillon with potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower mix up. It is going to be delicious and it is also good for a vegetarian.
Meatball style stewMeatball style stewBy NoemieYou can accommodate meatball in any way with about any ingredient you want. Whatever you put into them will make the difference as well as the sauce. This recipe uses olives to make the difference.
Beef and olivesBeef and olivesBy NoemieThis is a dish that mixes beef with some bacon and olives to give it a special taste. A thick tomato sauce will accompany it, a dish absolutely delicious that shall please the whole family
meatball and tarragon sauceMeatball and tarragon sauceBy NoemieHere is a recipe where you can get the frozen meatballs you made last time. A good tarragon creamy with a lot of lemons in the sauce to go with these meatballs should be a delight. Try it an evening for your family, they will definitely like them.
Homemade beef meatball and tomato sauceHomemade beef meatball and tomato sauceBy NoemieIt may take a little more time but the result will be worth it. Why don’t you try the homemade meatball with a delicious tomato sauce? You could take some tomatoes from the garden and have the kitchen smell wonderful.
Broccoli, goat cheese and creamBroccoli, goat cheese and creamBy NoemieCheese can replace agreeably meat in a dish. It goes well with and in about anything. Why don’t you try that recipe of broccoli, fresh goat cheese, and cream? That rich dish should satisfy the hungry family.
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