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Chicken thighs, mushrooms and pumpkinBy NoemieHere is a good combination of chicken thighs with pumpkin. It is a good winter vegetable and you can mix it up with about anything. It should be a really good and healthy meal.
Chicken fillets with endivesBy NoemieThe difference in that recipe is the adjunction of walnut oil to the endives. The two of them mix really well. It is an easy an quick meal to prepare for lunch with your friend
Endives casseroleBy NoemieThis is a dish for a vegetarian or simply as an evening meal. It is very light in calories and the endives are good in the winter. Cook or raw, they are delicious.
Brussels chickenBy NoemieEvery country has its own way to present chicken. And it's probably one the most eaten meat in the world. The following recipe is a version of Brussels chicken.
Fish waterzooiBy NoemieThis is a Belgian recipe that mixes poultry or fish with pickles and vegetables. After the vegetables and meat are cooked, the cream is added to the dish to enhance it.
Stoemp of green cabbageBy NoemieHas the title caught your attention? It's a recipe coming from Belgian and it consists of green cabbage mixed up with ground meat and a few other ingredients.
Pasta, endives and ground meatPasta, endives and ground meatBy NoemieYou have a perfect complete meal with that recipe. You mix some pasta with endives and ground meat before serving it. A good sturdy dish for the cold winter days.
Red cabbage with apple and baconRed cabbage with apple and baconBy NoemieThis is an easy and simple recipe with red cabbage mixed up with some apple and wine. It will accompany well some meat or fish. You may also have it as a light supper.
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