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Harira (Moroccan soup)By NoemieThis is a recipe of Northern Africa. You will mix some vegetables into a soup with lamb. Special spices will confer a unique taste to the dish. It will be a welcome change into the usual diet.
Harira (Moroccan soup) of vegetablesBy NoemieThis is a vegetable soup with a Northern African touch. In that recipe, you will serve it as a first course but it could also be used as a vegetarian dish. Either way, it is going to be healthy and flavored nicely.
Vegetables in a Shakshouka styleVegetables in a Shakshouka styleBy NoemieDo you want to put a little exotism in your next meal? You may try that Northern African recipe mixing eggs with vegetables. It is a good, healthy dish full of vegetables and flavors.
Lentils in a Moroccan styleLentils in a Moroccan styleBy NoemieLentils can make a good healthy meal with good spicing and herbs to enhance the dish. In that recipe, you mix them with some African spices and tomatoes.
Beef Mafe (peanut stew)By NoemieIf you are tired of fixing the same type of meal, you should try the recipe with an African touch. You use some peanut paste in your sauce. That should definitely give a unique taste to the dish.
Leeks, carrots,and chipolatas like a couscousLeeks, carrots,and chipolatas like a couscousBy NoemieDo you like couscous type of food? They are fun to prepare because you can add whatever is available around the house. In that case, leeks, carrots, turnips, and sausage get mixed up with couscous. Special African spices are added to enhance the dish.
Massale chickpeasBy NoemieDo you like tasty African spice food? Here is a recipe worth trying. It 's chickpeas mix up with tomatoes and a buch of spices. It will be very good and have a lot of flavor.
Chicken in a Moroccan styleBy NoemieWhat will make that recipe special is the spices! The chicken legs will be cooked with a lot of Moroccan spices and some potatoes. It should be a good, tasty dish.
Stuffed tomatoes in a Tunisian kebab styleBy NoemieWhen it comes to stuffing a tomato, the possibilities are infinite. In that recipe, the tomatoes will be stuffed with meat, a lot of African spices and herbs.
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