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Veal and turkey cutlets with creamBy NoemieIn that dish, you will have some meat mix up in a really nice and thick sauce. The cream will enhance and enrich the dish. You may fix some vegetables or rice to accompany the cutlets.
Turkey cutlets, pepper sauce and shell pastaBy NoemieHere is a version of turkey cutlets with a pepper sauce. You may want to use some color pepper to give a little bit of color to your preparation. The cream and pasta will complete the dish nicely.
Pork fillet mignon and vegetablesBy NoemieYou can prepare pork roast in many ways and it will always be a good complete meal. In that instance, you will mix it up with herbs, vegetables, and a few plums to add a personal touch.
Sweet potatoes and coconut milk custardBy NoemieSweet potatoes work really well in custard or pie. They can be used in a sweet dish or salty one. Either way, it is always good. Here, the recipe is with coconut milk and a little chili pepper.
Leeks fondue, soft cheese and hamBy NoemieThis is an easy and quick recipe to prepare. You just take leeks and mix them up with some soft cheese. A little ham will enrich the dish. Serve it as a light supper.
GoulashBy NoemieGoulash is a sort of stew pot with some specific vegetable like tomatoes. It makes a good and sturdy dish to serve to your family or friends.
Beef goulashBeef goulashBy NoemieIn a goulash, you always have some tomatoes and often paprika. This is a simple way to present goulash with meat mix up with tomatoes and wine. It should taste just fine.
Mince meat and sweet potatoesBy NoemieThis is another recipe of minced meat with some potato puree. in that case, you use some sweet potatoes and ground beef. You will put it in the oven with some cheese to brown it. This is a good and healthy dish.
JambalayaBy NoemieHere, you take rice as a base ingredient. You will mix some ham, pepper, and tomatoes with the rice. A rather simple dish but sturdy for a good meal.
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