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recette-wwZucchini and caraway seedBy NoemieZucchini is the perfect vegetable for a low-calorie diet. You can eat all you want without worry. In that recipe, you prepare zucchini with a few herbs to give it a distinctive taste.
Stuff zucchinis in a light fashionStuff zucchinis in a light fashionBy Noemie Stuffing zucchinis with meat are very popular. You prepare it with lean meat, spices and the pulp of the zucchinis. You may share that dish with your weight watcher friend.
Chicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseChicken fillets and fresh soft cheeseBy NoemieThis is a good and healthy recipe to prepare for your weight watchers friends. You will mix chicken with vegetable in a cheesy sauce with a little cream to enhance the dish.
Orange duck thigh and carrotsOrange duck thigh and carrotsBy NoemieHere, we have some duck thighs in an orange sauce with s few vegetables. It is a light version of the recipe and you can share it with your weight watchers friends.
recette-wwChicken escalope and spring peasBy NoemieChicken is often used in weight watchers recipe because the meat is lean. In that recipe, you mix the chicken with tender spring peas and carrots. You add a little cream at the end to enrich it slightly.
recette-wwChicken cutlets with soft runny French cheeseBy NoemieHere, we are going to try the chicken cutlets in a light manner for our weight watchers friends. You will mix the chicken with some spices and a little bit of soft cheese to give it the right texture and flavor.
recette-wwSpanish casserole styleBy NoemieThis is a fairly easy and quick recipe to prepare for your weight watchers friends. You mix in a pot some vegetables, meat, and rice before cooking it. You will be serving a healthy and tasty dish
Pork fillet and whit winePork fillet and whit wineBy NoemieIt will take a little time to cook the preparation but the result should be worth it. Here, after browning a pork roast, you will cook it with wine, cream an a few good spices.
recette-wwSchnitzel chicken filletBy NoemieThis is another way to prepare chicken fillet in a light way for a low-calorie meal. You will take some chicken and fix them with ham and cheese, in schnitzel fashion.
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