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Antillean PineappleBy NoemieThis is an exotic dessert for people that like pineapple. It is light and it will complete well a meal. The fruit is also a very healthy and help the digestion. The dessert will surely please your friends.
Apricot cobblerBy NoemieApricot is the perfect fruit of summer. In that recipe, you take some ripe, juicy apricot and mix them up with eggs and milt. The result will be a tasty cobbler to enjoy with your friends.
Cherry cobblerBy NoemieYou can make cobbler with about any fruit you want. Il will always come out delicious. In that recipe, you use cherries, eggs, and milk before cooking it. Ti is good cold or warm with some whip cream.
Clementines, mint and pine nutsBy NoemieA good way to end a meal would be some fruit cook in syrup. In that recipe, you mix up some clementines with sugar, mint and pine nut. It will come out just delicious
Syrup cherriesSyrup cherriesBy NoemieIt is always a pleasure to be at the beginning of summer for the cherries. This is a simple dessert of cherries cook in water and sugar. It will end up a meal really nicely.
Candied cherries and orangeBy NoemieCherries make good dessert cook or raw. In that recipe, they are candied with some tasty spices and some orange marmalade. The result should be appreciated by the whole family.