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Cooked red fruit juiceBy NoemieThis is a good dessert for hot summer days. You just lightly cook a mixture of red fruits; whatever is available around the house at the time. Serve it to your guest after a nice meal.
Couscous, pear and honeyBy NoemieSemolina is usually served with meat and vegetables but you can also have it as a dessert. In that recipe, you fix it up with pear and honey. It should give a really nice dessert.
White chocolate creamBy NoemieWhite chocolate has always been one of my favorites. In that recipe, you prepare the cream with white chocolate> after you put some gelatin, you let it solidify some in the fridge.
Caramel candy (carambar)creamBy NoemieThis is a dessert for children. You mix some candy with milk and make a cream out of it. The result should be interesting and probably pretty tasty.
Lemon cream with pressure cooking modeBy NoemieHere is a light dessert to conclude well a good meal. You take some lemon and eggs to prepare that delicious cream. The lemon peel will give it a good flavor.
Cream with almond milk and honeyBy NoemieIf your favorite is almond or if you are intolerant to lactose, you may want to try that recipe. Almond milk is used with some special honey to give it a unique flavor.
Lemon cream in the browning modeBy NoemieMaking a cream with fruit juice works very well. In that recipe, you use lemon, eggs, and sugar. You just need to cook it until it thickens and then cool it. Your dessert is then ready to eat.
Tangerines creamBy NoemieIn season, if you like tangerines, you may want to try that simple recipe. It consists of tangerines, milk, and egg cook briefly to make a thick flavored cream.
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