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Ricipes for babyMashed potatoes with pumpkinBy NoemieThis is another popular and simple preparation for a baby. Just mix up some potatoes and pumpkins together to create a great tasting and looking mash.
Ricipes for babyRamekin of minced hamBy NoemieHere is a cool recipe for a baby of about 1-year-old. The preparation consists of ham, egg, milk, and cheese. It will be like a custard but in a salty way. Baby is going to love it.
Ricipes for babyWhite soupBy NoemieYou may wonder what the recipe is about with such a title! It just consists of preparation for a baby with white vegetables including potatoes, cauliflower and celery root.
Ricipes for babyCarrot, rice, and tomato soupBy NoemieHere is a nice preparation of a meal for a baby. It consists of carrots, tomato, and rice. A little bit of green will be added to the dish. It should make a really good meal.
Ricipes for babyVegetables soup with fresh cheeseBy NoemieWhy not try that recipe including a lot of vegetables? It's good preparation for a baby that's going to be used to eat a healthy diet from the beginning.
Ricipes for babyPotato, zucchini, and pea soup with vermicelliBy NoemieThis is a good soup with some delicious vegetable combination for a baby. You can make several portions from the recipe. The little one is probably going to be delighted in that great preparation.
Ricipes for babyOrange soupBy NoemieThis is a simple soup with orange vegetables, full of carotenoids. It's going to very healthy for a baby. It will also taste delicious.
Ricipes for babyPotatoes, soft cheese and cress soupBy NoemieCress is a really healthy vegetable. It's full of good vitamins and can be eaten raw or cooked. That baby soup is made with potatoes, cheese, and cress. A delicious combination.
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