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Vegetables porridge and cheeseBy NoemieThis is a dish of mix up vegetables that will go well as an evening meal with your family. Let’s try the porridge with a good texture and taste. A few good spices and the cheese will do all the difference.
Bouillon with potatoes, broccoli, cauliflowerBy NoemieSoups are always welcome any days. Try that simple dish that mixes bouillon with potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower mix up. It is going to be delicious and it is also good for a vegetarian.
Bouillon, potatoes, carrots and tomatoesBy NoemieThis is a good dish to feed a hungry baby. A few vegetables mix up together and it is ready. Your baby will be thankful for that delicious puree and it is also good for him.
Bouillon with potatoes, peas, flat coconutBy NoemieYou can fix up all kind of puree for your baby. Let’s try the dish with potatoes, peas and flat coco mix up. It is good for your baby to taste all kind of different vegetables, he will like them later in life.