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Cream of broccoliBy NoemieWhy not preparing cream of broccoli for your baby? It's easy, quick and healthy. Your baby will be delighted in this tasty puree.
Mashed carrotsBy NoemieHere are the famous mash carrots that every baby must have eaten during there early days. The recipe is just that, carrots with a little spices, and cream to enrich it.
Mash carrots and eggplantsBy NoemieHere, we have a mash of eggplants and carrots for a baby or an adult as well. Mashes are generally appreciated by everybody and some can be very good.
Mashed of potatoes, carrots and pumpkinBy NoemieThis is a recipe with 3 vegetables that mashed very well. Potatoes, carrots and pumpkin and of course, the preparation is for a baby. It will be delicious.
Mashed potatoes with green beans and broccoliBy NoemiePotatoes will give a good texture to a mash when green beans are used as it is the case in that recipe. Again, the preparation is for a baby. Broccoli is also added to the recipe.
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