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risotto recipes pressure cookerRisotto with romanesco cabbageBy NoemieThis is a recipe with Italian ingredients. The rice will be mixed up with Italian cabbage before being cooked in a nice bouillon. The dish will be sprinkled with Italian hard cheese that will enhance the taste.
Risotto from MammaBy NoemieThis is a version of risotto with meat and tomatoes. The 3 ingredients should form a really good tasty dish. Some good spices and herbs will enhance the flavor and taste.
Sauce bologneseSauce bologneseBy NoemieYou will have to gather a lot of herbs to prepare that homemade bolognese sauce. The result will be a very tasty sauce full of summer flavors.
Italian fried porkBy NoemieThe title refers to an Italian dish because of the typically Italian spices use with the preparation. Otherwise, the pork is fried before being cooked with carrots and mushrooms.
Carbonara spaghettiCarbonara spaghettiBy NoemieEverybody has probably eaten carbonara spaghetti. The sauce going over the pasta is delicious. In the following recipe, bacon, eggs, and cheese will be mixed to make the sauce.
Mix vegetable casseroleBy NoemieThis is a good recipe that mixes summer vegetables together. Pick some good ripe tomatoes and pepper for a rich texture dish that will taste just delicious.
Carbonara carrotsCarbonara carrotsBy NoemieThis is a different way to present carrots but nevertheless interesting. You have heard about spaghetti carbonara? Here, you replace the spaghetti with carrots and the result will be just great
Wheat, squash and chickenBy NoemieThis is a good complete and sturdy recipe that will fill you up after a day outdoors. Why don’t you try to prepare that dish for your friend on some evening?
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