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Mix vegetable casseroleBy NoemieThis is a good recipe that mixes summer vegetables together. Pick some good ripe tomatoes and pepper for a rich texture dish that will taste just delicious.
Carbonara carrotsBy NoemieThis is a different way to present carrots but nevertheless interesting. You have heard about spaghetti carbonara? Here, you replace the spaghetti with carrots and the result will be just great
Wheat, squash and chickenBy NoemieThis is a good complete and sturdy recipe that will fill you up after a day outdoors. Why don’t you try to prepare that dish for your friend on some evening?
Bolognese for pastaBy NoemieWho hasn’t eaten some good bolognese sauce? Try that simple and fast recipe. It will be a very savory tomato sauce with ground beef. Your family will be delighted by it.
Chicken breast, potato with mustard sauceBy NoemieWhat makes that recipe special is the mustard sauce. In any dish, the sauce is what makes all the difference. Try that one, you will not be disappointed nor your guest.
Eggplant with meat and parmesan cheese sauceBy NoemieThis is another version of mixing eggplants with meat if you are a fan of them. The sauce with the good Italian cheese covering the eggplants is going to give it a really nice taste that will please your family.
Artichokes with bacon and vegetablesBy NoemieThis is an interesting dish with artichoke heart and vegetables. The hot pot of mix up vegetables will be a tasty delight for you and your guest. Artichokes have a special taste and are usually well appreciated.
Artichoke and bouillonBy NoemieDo you like artichokes? That recipe for the first course with artichoke heart mix with a salad dressing should be greatly appreciated. It’s going to be refreshing and tasty as well as light.
Vegetable Chicken TenderloinsBy NoemieThis is a recipe weight watcher where some delicious chicken is mix up with color full vegetables. Some pepper and squash to remind you of summer in a light creamy sauce. You will devour it with a tranquil conscience.
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