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Zucchini in a carbonara styleZucchini in a carbonara styleBy NoemieEverybody knows about spaghetti carbonara, a famous Italian dish. In that recipe, you prepare it with zucchini instead of pasta. The result will be delicious.
Italian style cod backItalian style cod backBy NoemieWhy not try the codfish on a bed of vegetables? It is going to be a good and healthy dish. You just lay down the fish on top the vegetables with the cheese.
Carbonara butterfly pastaCarbonara butterfly pastaBy NoemieThis is a very easy and simple dish to prepare. You cook some butterfly pasta and cover it in a special Italian sauce consisting of bacon and cream. You can also add a little bit of grated Parmesan if you want.
Butterfly pasta with a Italian sauceButterfly pasta with a Italian sauceBy NoemieIn that recipe, you will have some Italian sauce to accompany your pasta. Tomatoes, pepper, garlic, and some hot chili pepper will be mix with the pasta to confer a really tasty dish.
Chocolate fondant and mascarpone(soft creamy cheese)Chocolate fondant and mascarpone(soft creamy cheese)By NoemieThe soft creamy cheese Mascarpone is often used in a dessert. In that case, you mix it up with chocolate, sugar, and eggs. Depending on the duration of cooking, you will have a more or less soft cake.
Gnocchi in a Italian fashionBy NoemieHere, you mix the fresh gnocchi with meat, tomato, and some grated cheese. It will make a good complete meal to share with your friend. It doesn’t take long to prepare.
Gnocchi in a Carbonara styleGnocchi in a Carbonara styleBy NoemieUsually, gnocchi is prepared with a sauce that makes all the difference. Here, you will fix them with cream and bacon. A salad will accompany well the dish.
Green beans in an Italian fashionBy NoemieNothing tastes better than some fresh picked tender green bean. In that recipe, you prepare them with tomatoes, onion, garlic, and some spices. it will taste great.
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