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GoulashBy NoemieGoulash is a sort of stew pot with some specific vegetable like tomatoes. It makes a good and sturdy dish to serve to your family or friends.
Hungarian goulash revisited by Joel RobuchonHungarian goulash revisited by Joel RobuchonBy NoemieThis is a more complex recipe to prepare but the result will be a delicious complete dish. You will mix a lot of vegetables with meat and have a nice sauce with red wine.
Beef goulashBeef goulashBy NoemieIn a goulash, you always have some tomatoes and often paprika. This is a simple way to present goulash with meat mix up with tomatoes and wine. It should taste just fine.
Hungary beefHungary beefBy NoemieHungary has some nice recipe also. This is a dish with chunks of beef and all kind of vegetables. Try that colorful recipe with pepper and beacon in a tasty tomato sauce.