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Cod Brandade (proven├žale) in its own styleBy NoemieThis is a recipe of codfish with a rich creamy sauce. A dash of cheese will make it taste even better. Serve it with some rice and you will have the perfect dish for your friend and yourself
MusselsMusselsBy NoemieThis is the first course with mussels for people who like them. It is very easy and quick to prepare and usually goes well before the rest of the meal
Beef and brown beerBy NoemieBeef chunks can be accommodated in many ways. You can use different kind of liquids that will give a particular taste to your dish. Here is a recipe that uses brown beer and should taste very good and unique.
Beef, carrots and potatoBeef, carrots and potatoBy NoemieThis is a good recipe that comprises of beef chunks with potatoes and carrots. Nothing fancy but a sturdy dish with good herbs that will satisfy a hungry crowd at home.
Duck tenderloins with orange juice recipeDuck tenderloins with orange juice recipeBy NoemieDiscover the famous duck recipe with orange juice. It will be a delicious duck in a thick orange sauce that should delight your guest. Make some rice to accompany the dish.
Chicken Tenderloins and BroccoliChicken Tenderloins and BroccoliBy NoemieIt is well known that broccoli is very good for your health. Why not try a really good recipe that mixes up chicken and delicious tender broccoli with some thyme?
Duck Tenderloins with Honey and CarrotsDuck Tenderloins with Honey and CarrotsBy NoemieFor your holiday why not try to prepare some duck tenderloins with a tasty honey sauce and some fresh carrots. Your guest will be delighted in eating such a delicious recipe.
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