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Pork chops with soft herbs cheeseBy NoemieThat recipe will have the chops mix up in a cheese sauce. The herbs and spices will confer a rather tasty outcome to that dish. Everybody will like it for sure.
Pork chops and vegetable panPork chops and vegetable panBy NoemieHere is a simple and quick way to fix your chops. After browning the chops, you just add a handful of mix vegetables before briefly cooking them. In no time, your lunch will be ready.
Pork chops with mushrooms and chestnutBy NoemieMixing mushrooms with pork chops go very well together. In that case, you add also a few chestnuts to give it a wonderful texture. The result will be very good.
Pork chops and potatoesPork chops and potatoesBy NoemieThis is another version of chops with potatoes and some good Provencal herbs. You will have a complete meal ready in no time for your hungry family. f
Cooked red fruit juiceCooked red fruit juiceBy NoemieThis is a good dessert for hot summer days. You just lightly cook a mixture of red fruits; whatever is available around the house at the time. Serve it to your guest after a nice meal.
Zucchini, minced codfish, honey and raisinsBy NoemiePrepare yourself a quick, interesting good meal. The zucchini is mix up with some codfish and grapes. A few spices and herbs should make a real interesting sour sweet dish.
Zucchini and some wrap soft cheeseBy NoemieZucchini is a good and healthy base vegetable. You can fix it mix up with other vegetables or cover it with cheese or plain with some herbs and spices. Here, you use some specific French soft cheese wrap up individually and call (Vache qui rit)
Zuccchini and goat cheeseZuccchini and goat cheeseBy NoemieZucchini is about available all year long even if they taste a lot better in season. It is also very quick to cook which makes it a favorite in our speed up world. Here you just mix it up with some soft goat cheese.
Zucchini, goat cheese, bacon and tomatoZucchini, goat cheese, bacon and tomatoBy NoemieHere is a good mix up for a summer recipe. Try the zucchinis with some goat cheese and sausage. A delicious and thick cream sauce will confer a perfect taste for that dish.
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