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Wheat, beacon and vegetablesWheat, beacon and vegetablesBy NoemieYou will enjoy preparing that vegetables and grain dish that mix up the wheat with carrots and peas. It will accompany well a piece of fish or simply as a light evening meal with a salad.
Wheat and chorizo (sausage)Wheat and chorizo (sausage)By NoemieThe mixture of wheat and sausage will give a particularly good taste to that dish with a few vegetables added. In no time, your meal will be ready and you will be able to share it with your family.
Beef and almondsBy NoemieDo you like the taste of almonds? Then, try that recipe where you have some beefsteak covered in a tasty almonds mixture. It is going to be crunchy and absolutely divine.
Beef carrots and mushroomsBy NoemieHow about some beef in chunks with a tasty wine sauce? some good herbs and spices will enhance that dish. Let’s try the vegetables and beef recipe that will delight your friends on a rainy day.
Beef stroganoffBeef stroganoffBy NoemieThis is a well-known recipe always popular among people. Why not trying it the next time you are meeting with friends; they will love it.
Stuff pastryStuff pastryBy NoemieThis is a pretty popular dish that goes really well as a first course. In that case, the stuffing of mix chicken mushrooms, and parsley for the taste and color in a creamy sauce should please everybody.
Express Chicken stew with carrots, mushrooms and, leeksExpress Chicken stew with carrots, mushrooms and, leeksBy NoemieThis is a lean chicken stew very quickly done. If you are in a hurry, go for it. You will be able to eat that dish without worrying about the calories and in no time at all. Still, it is a good sturdy dish in the cold months of winter.
Veal stew carrots and potatoesVeal stew carrots and potatoesBy NoemieThe veal stew with potatoes and carrots will be welcome any day of the week by the whole family. It is a simple and sturdy dish with some tasty spices and herbs to give it a unique flavor.
Veal stewVeal stewBy NoemieIn a stew, you can put all kind of vegetables, herbs and, spices to enhance the taste of it. Why not try the veal stew with different vegetables? This dish has a great sauce that should please the most difficult person!
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