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Turkey thigh in a forester styleBy NoemieIn that recipe, you add up some mushrooms with the turkey thigh. In season, you may pick some wild mushrooms to mix up in the sauce. it would taste great with some good herbs.
Fish green curryBy NoemieHere we have stew fish in a coconut milk sauce with vegetable and spices. A little basil at the end of cooking will enhance the presentation of the dish.
Endives and hamEndives and hamBy NoemieHam and endives are a popular dish. It is also very good and healthy. You can add up at the end of cooking some grated cheese and brown it in an oven. It will taste even better.
Pork fillet mignon and lentilsBy NoemieHere, you have a pretty common combination of ingredients. You will mix the roast with some lentils. It should satisfy the most hungry person with that rich dish
Leeks fondue with smoke salmonBy NoemieIn that recipe, you will be using leeks and salmon with cream for the sauce. You can cook it in a pan or make a pie with the mixture. Either way, it will taste very good.
Fricassee between earth and seaBy NoemieLet's try to mix up some earth vegetables with some sea creatures. In the following recipe, you just do that and add some spices and cream to enhance the dish.
Chablis-style hamBy NoemieIf you like the taste of the Chablis wine, you probably want to try that recipe. Here, you cook the ham in the wine before adding a little cream to enhance the dish.
Mexican beef cheekMexican beef cheekBy NoemieFor that recipe, you will use some beef cheek cut into chunks with a mix of Mexican vegetables. A little bit of hot pimento will enhance the flavor of the dish.
Beef tongue and Patricia's seasoned sauceBeef tongue and Patricia’s seasoned sauceBy NoemieThe tongue in itself is not very tasty. It is why it's important to prepare a really tasty sauce to cover the meat. In that recipe, you use some hot mustard and pickles.
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