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Chunk of goose liver with figsBy NoemieThis is a recipe as a first course for a holiday or anniversary that will delight your guest. Everybody appreciates goose liver and the addition of figs will give it a unique touch. It should be a real success.
Eggplant with meat and parmesan cheese sauceBy NoemieThis is another version of mixing eggplants with meat if you are a fan of them. The sauce with the good Italian cheese covering the eggplants is going to give it a really nice taste that will please your family.
Aïoli ProvencalBy NoemieIf you like codfish, the following recipe is for you. This is a mix up of fish and a variety of vegetables. This is a dish that will fill you up nicely after a good walk in the cold weather.
Vegetables porridge and cheeseBy NoemieThis is a dish of mix up vegetables that will go well as an evening meal with your family. Let’s try the porridge with a good texture and taste. A few good spices and the cheese will do all the difference.
Aloo palak (vegetables mix)By NoemieThis is a recipe that will satisfy the vegetarian among us. Why not try that great dish full of spices? This is going to be a very tasty and healthy dinner to share with your friends or family.