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Steam chicken with aniseBy NoemieSteam cooking is healthy. In that recipe, the chicken and vegetables sprinkle with anise powder will be cooked that way before being mixed up with cream and black olives.
Mashed carrotsMashed carrotsBy NoemieHere are the famous mash carrots that every baby must have eaten during there early days. The recipe is just that, carrots with a little spices, and cream to enrich it.
Ricipes for babyMash carrots and eggplantsBy NoemieHere, we have a mash of eggplants and carrots for a baby or an adult as well. Mashes are generally appreciated by everybody and some can be very good.
Mashed of fresh green beansMashed of fresh green beansBy NoemieMost vegetables can be mashed. In that case, we have green beans with potatoes to give it a better texture and cream to enrich and give it a better taste.
Mashed sweet potatoesMashed sweet potatoesBy NoemieDo you like sweet potato? You could prepare that quick and simple mash for your lonely supper. In no time it will be read. Very good and tasty as well.
Ricipes for babyMashed of potatoes and flat beansBy NoemiePotatoes make great mash because of there texture and starchy ways. Here we have another recipe for a baby where potatoes are mixed up with flat beans.
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