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Pork cheek and ciderBy NoemieHere, you have an easy recipe using pork chunks cooked in cider. It will give a unique taste to the dish. Serve it with potatoes or other starchy food.
Rabbit in a “chit-chat’ styleBy NoemieRabbit can be fixed in many ways usually with a sauce to accompany the meat. In that recipe, you mix the rabbit with onions and cream. It is a very simple way to prepare your dish.
Beef Mafe (peanut stew)By NoemieIf you are tired of fixing the same type of meal, you should try the recipe with an African touch. You use some peanut paste in your sauce. That should definitely give a unique taste to the dish.
Cod in butterBy NoemieIf codfish is your favorite, you want to try that easy recipe of desalted cod. After cooking the fish, you will mix it up with some cooked potatoes and butter. It will taste very good.
Mussels and chorizoBy NoemieAnother simple way to present mussels is to cook them in wine with some sausages and a few shallots. A little cream before serving and you will have a perfect dish for a summer evening.
Mussels and RoquefortMussels and RoquefortBy NoemieIf you are a fan of using cheese to make a sauce, you should try that easy recipe of mussels. You will simply cook the mussels with some good tasty Roquefort with cream. Serve them with parsley.
Bone marrowBy NoemieIf you like bone marrow, try that simple recipe. You cook the bones in a bouillon before savoring them. The bouillon will be delicious and rich as well.
Express paella and chickenBy NoemieThis is a dish of paella with summer smell and flavor. Chicken and rice will be mix with sun vegetables like eggplant, pepper, and zucchini. A dash of pimento to enhance the taste of the whole dish.
Serpentini pasta in a Italian styleBy NoemieDo you have some dry tomatoes in your cupboard? It's the occasion to try that recipe that mixes up pastas with dry and fresh tomatoes. Some herbs, ham, and cheese will complete that good dish.
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